Plants of the World An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Vascular Plants

Plants of the World: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Vascular Plants
English | Size: 199.52 MB
Category: Ebook

Plants of the World is the first book to systematically explore every vascular plant family on earth-more than four hundred and fifty of them-organized in a modern phylogenetic order. Detailed entries for each family include descriptions, distribution, evolutionary relationships, and fascinating information on economic uses of plants and etymology of their names. All entries are also copiously illustrated in full color with more than 2,500 stunning photographs. A collaboration among three celebrated botanists at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Plants of the World is authoritative, comprehensive, and beautiful. Covering everything from ferns to angiosperms, it will be an essential resource for practicing botanists, horticulturists, and nascent green thumbs alike. [Read more…]

Adam Payne – Video Sorcery

Adam Payne – Video Sorcery
English | Size: 864.07 MB
Category: Net: Marketing

Laser Targeted Views, Better Rankings and More Profits With Video Sorcery…"

The 5-step system that will Grow Your Channel to 10,000 views so you can begin to drive traffic all over the Internet.

Here’s A Sneak Peek Of What You’ll Find Inside.
– The Keyword Mistakes that are killing your videos
– The Anti-Guru view buying strategy
– The Left behind Facebook Method for penny views to your YouTube videos
– How to guarantee you rank #1 for ANY keyword
– How to Siphon views from impossible to beat Authority videos
– Plus Much More….
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onelight workshop dvd.1 ISO

onelight workshop dvd.1_ISO
English | Size: 3.1 GB
Category: Tutorial

Disc One:
Opening Thoughts
Exposure Control
Gear (lights, stands, triggers, etc.)
Modifiers (Umbrellas, soft boxes, grids, etc.)
Indoor shoot
2 location shoots [Read more…]

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudeva – Inner Engineering

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudeva – Inner Engineering
English | Size: 9.66 GB
Category: Health / Fitness / Massage

Inner Engineering provides tools from the yogic science to empower you to create your life the way you want it. Designed by Sadhguru, a yogi and visionary.

Thanks to Shanegambler for the upload. [Read more…]

SAP Performance Optimization Guide Analyzing and Tuning SAP Systems, 7th Edition

SAP Performance Optimization Guide Analyzing and Tuning SAP Systems, 7th Edition
English | Size: 224.93 MB
Category: CBTs

In today’s high-stakes business environment, system performance is the king of the jungle. From system and load distribution, to memory management, to buffering and locks, you know there are many pitfalls to avoid. Up to date for SAP NetWeaver 7.3, this authoritative guide to analysis and tuning offers the practical tips and real-world examples to reach your tuning potential day in and day out. Anticipate, identify, analyze, and solve performance problems to keep your SAP system on top.
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SANS SEC573 v2017 PDF and USB

SANS SEC573 v2017 PDF and USB
English | Size: 3.88 GB
Category: Programming | HACKING | Security

Course Syllabus
SEC573.1: Essentials Workshop with pyWars
SEC573.2: Essentials Workshop with MORE pyWars
SEC573.3: Defensive Python
SEC573.4: Forensics Python
SEC573.5: Offensive Python
SEC573.6: Capture the Flag [Read more…]

SANS SEC201 – Computing and Technology Essentials 2017

SANS SEC201 – Computing and Technology Essentials 2017
English | Size: 48.13 MB
Category: Programming | E-learning | HACKING | Linux | Microsoft | Networking | Security | VMware

In order to pursue technical security studies, spanning any of the major disciplines, it is crucial that students have a solid grasp of technology and computing fundamentals.

SEC201 provides students that have no or minimal prior knowledge, or those in need of a refresher, with an understanding of the architecture of modern computers and topics spanning how a CPU works, the addressing of memory and the hardware relationship with operating systems. SEC201 includes an introduction to both Windows and Linux, providing students with plenty of hands-on exercises to build their familiarity with the command line and move their knowledge beyond being a power user to actually understanding the underlying facets of a modern OS. [Read more…]

SANS Ondemand packet analysis [webrip 5(mp4)]

SANS Ondemand packet analysis [webrip 5(mp4)]
English | Size: 457.78 MB
Category: Tutorial

Old SANS content for packet analysis but still relevant as TCP is still in use [Read more…]

SANS 760 PDF 2014

SANS 760 PDF 2014
English | Size: 159.55 MB
Category: HACKING | Security | others

SEC760 Advanced Exploit Development for Penetration Testers [Read more…]

SANS 526: Memory Forensics In-Depth (2015) PDFs & Exercises

SANS 526: Memory Forensics In-Depth (2015) PDFs & Exercises
English | Size: 1.89 GB
Category: CBTs

FOR526: Memory Forensics In-Depth provides the critical skills necessary for digital forensics examiners and incident responders to successfully perform live system memory triage and analyze captured memory images. The course uses the most effective freeware and open-source tools in the industry today and provides an in-depth understanding of how these tools work. [Read more…]