Pluralsight – Using Failover Clusters in Windows Server 2016

Pluralsight – Using Failover Clusters in Windows Server 2016[/b]
English | Size: 310.3 MB
Genre: eLearning

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Jason Capital – STATUS Unleashed (updated) [MP4]

Jason Capital – STATUS Unleashed (updated) [MP4]
English | Size: 3.19 GB
Category: Psychology / Body Language

High Status Explained

Why you’re CLIPPING someone’s high status future by paying for their dinner.. (06:11)
Think it’s hard being a New York Times Best Seller? Think again. We’re diving deep into what it actually means to be a prolific author, even if you’re not a good writer now.. (08:01)
Why everything you’ve been taught about “obstacles” in your life is a LIE. Plus, the sneaky trick to ridding yourself of ego-driven roadblocks for good (Sorry, Ryan Holiday)..(11:33)
How you can get crystal clear on your beliefs for the first time – the REAL reason why you’ve had trouble in the past with trainings, affirmations, and other “guru” type exercises, and how to fix that for good in 2017..(16:21) [Read more…]

Jason Capital – Power Influence

Jason Capital – Power Influence
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Category: Seduction: Other

Why? Because I had just used the very same influence technology I teach – with them.
They were blown away.
I want you to keep in mind Power Influence is about persuading with 1000% integrity.
No slimy sales tactics. No cheesy gimmicks. They’re my tribe, I would never use that shit on Team Capital.
So if you’ve ever silently wondered “how the hell does Jason do that?”. how I’m able to sell literally millions of dollars both online and in person, with honor, respect and integrity, you’ll discover how in this extraordinary program. [Read more…]

GNOMONOLOGY – ZBrush3 Topology reconstruction

GNOMONOLOGY – ZBrush3 Topology reconstruction
English | Size: 386 MB
Category: Tutorial

Meats demonstrates his techniques for rebuilding dense scan data into useable geometry, ready for efficient rendering and animation. He introduces his method of using poly-painting to prepare the best plan of attack, before even starting to use the Zbrush topology tools to reconstruct the geometry. This technique allows him to arrive at a topological solution in less time. Once developed, the topological mesh is created and the high-resolution scan details are projected. [Read more…]

Chip Heath – The Power of Moments [6 MP3 – 1 EPUB – 1 MOBI]

Chip Heath – The Power of Moments [6 MP3 – 1 EPUB – 1 MOBI]
English | Size: 186.60 MB
Category: Tutorial

New material from Chip & Dan Heath – 2017
Two e-book formats included – they are the same book – just different formats.

The New York Times bestselling authors of Switch and Made to Stick explore why certain brief experiences can jolt us and elevate us and change us-and how we can learn to create such extraordinary moments in our life and work.
What if a teacher could design a lesson that he knew his students would remember twenty years later? What if a doctor or nurse knew how to orchestrate moments that would bring more comfort to patients? What if you had a better sense of how to create memories that matter for your children? [Read more…]

10x Power Focus Discover The Hidden Element Of Top Learners – Udemy – 072017

10x Power Focus: Discover The Hidden Element Of Top Learners – Udemy – 07/2017
English | Size: 592.27 MB
Category: Self Improvement

This is NOT the most recent update, but still some decent info
Simple Strategies for Bulletproof Focus Revealed!
This Course is Designed For YOU! 10x Power Focus will be your daily guide to improve your productivity, work efficiently in any job, profession and venture you choose to be.

This is a revolutionary Accelerated Learning Self-Study course. It has been created to inspire, encourage and most importantly, EQUIP you with all essential focusing and concentration strategies. This will help you move from a place of potential to optimal performance in your personal, academic and professional life. [Read more…]

Pluralsight – Building Character FX Rigs in Houdini

Pluralsight – Building Character FX Rigs in Houdini
English | Size: 1.0GB
Category: Tutorial

Have you ever wondered how to create magical FX work in Houdini, but you don’t have the technical skills to bring them to life? In this course, Building Character FX Rigs in Houdini, you’ll learn how to create a stunning character simulation in Houdini. First, you’ll discover how to take a working animation in Maya and export it successfully to Houdini. Next, you’ll explore how to create several methods to create an interesting source emission with all the attributes and SOPs needed. Finally, you’ll delve into creating a beautiful simulation that use microsolvers to advect the color and create a stunning slap comp in NUKE. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll not only have created a fantastic simulation, but you’ll also have the knowledge and skills needed to render and sim out your own FX concepts in Houdini. Software required: Maya and Houdini. [Read more…]

Phlearn Pro – Beautiful Glowing Skin

Phlearn Pro – Beautiful Glowing Skin
English | Size: 2.1GB
Category: Tutorial

Start delivering portraits that will amaze all of your clients and friends. In this Phlearn PRO Tutorial, Beautiful Glowing Skin, we focus on beauty and glamour retouching so you will be able to deliver the quality of images that will keep everyone coming back. [Read more…]

Peaky Blinders – 15th November 2017

Peaky Blinders s04e01 (15th November 2017)
English | Size: 254.33 MB
Category: Drama

DRAMA: Peaky Blinders
On: BBC 2
Date: Wednesday 15th November 2017 (Already shown)
Time: 21:00 to 22:00 (1 hour long)
The Noose.
Period crime drama set in Birmingham. Tommy is estranged from his family and focused only on business. But when he receives a mysterious letter, Tommy realises the Shelbys are in danger of annihilation.
(Stereo, Widescreen, Subtitles, Audio Described, Series 4, Episode 1, 5 Star) [Read more…]

Peachpit Photoshop LAB Color By Dan Margulis-NoPE

Peachpit Photoshop LAB Color By Dan Margulis-NoPE
English | Size: 239 MB
Category: CBTs

With a mantra like “There are no bad originals, only bad Photoshop operators,” you know best-selling author Dan Margulis is serious about exposing people to the magic of Photoshop. Nowhere is that magic more apparent than in its LAB color processing capabilities, which can make even the subtle canyon colors of rock, sand, and dirt come to vivid life. However, you may be wary of taming the complex beast. Here’s your guide! In these pages, Dan shows that you can derive enormous benefits from just a few simple tools and techniques.
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