Packt Publishing – Deep Dive into Statistical Modeling with R

Packt Publishing – Deep Dive into Statistical Modeling with R
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R is a data analysis tool, graphical environment, and programming language. Without any prior experience in programming or statistical software, this video tutorial will help you quickly become a knowledgeable user of R. Now is the time to take control of your data and start producing superior statistical analysis with R.

In this video tutorial, you will start with a quick refresher on programming in R. You will learn to set up your R development environment, as well as work on a few simple R programs. After that you will dive right into working with different types of data structures in R, such as vectors, lists, matrices, etc. You will explore how to import and export data for your data analysis project, and also connect to databases such as PostgreSQL. From there, you will look into probabilities, distributions, and random numbers. Here you will explore discrete distributions, continuous distributions, and random number generation. Finally, you will learn to statistically model your data, and also about hypothesis testing. You will dive into descriptive statistics and graphs, parametric and non-parametric statistical methods, correlation and regression analysis, and time-series analysis.

By the end of this video course, you will be well versed with working with different types of data and modelling your data for your statistical analysis projects with the help of R.

What You Will Learn
• Work with different data structures such as vectors, lists, matrices, and data frames
• Employ discrete and continuous distributions for analysing your data
• Model your data with the help of statistical and parametric modelling
• Decide better models for analysis by studying information criteria
• Efficiently predict data with the help of correlation and regression analysis

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