O’Reilly – Diving Deeper into C++ Templates

O’Reilly – Diving Deeper into C++ Templates
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Templates form the foundation of modern C++ programming; they must be understood, not only to use the Standard Library, but to take advantage of many of the features found in C++11 and C++14. By offering a detailed look at how to create and use template functions and classes in your C++ code, this course goes beyond the basics, and is intended for the intermediate level programmer.
Topics covered include: non-type and default parameters, overloading and specialization, the use of template template parameters, explicit instantiation and inheritance, generic programming, type traits, and policy-based design. Learners completing this course will have the knowledge required to produce robust, practical, and modern C++ code.

• Understand how to create and use template functions in your C++ code
• Learn to use modern techniques; such as type traits, and policy-based programming
• Discover how generic programming differs from OO programming
• Gain a fundamental awareness of the importance of templates in modern C++ cod

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