Mastering Java Programming – Vol 2: Control Statements

Mastering Java Programming – Vol 2: Control Statements
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Java is one of the most used programming languages in the world. It is an extremely powerful tool that is currently running on billions of devices worldwide. In this 5-Hour video series, Jason Gibson will teach you the essential concepts of programming in Java by step-by-step video lessons.
Every lesson teaches you the core functionality of Java with real-world example code and methods.

In addition, every video lesson comes with exercises for the student to work and practice coding skills. Every exercise comes with the solution including a video-walk-through of the code for that problem.
First, you will get an overview of Java, how it is used, and why it is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Next, you’ll master data types, outputting text and variables to the screen, IF statements, FOR loops, and much more!
The easiest way to learn how to program is through step-by-step video lessons!

Lecture titles:
Sect 1: Read Single Key from Keyboard using
Sect 2: Important Behavior When Using
Sect 3: Read Integers and Doubles from Keyboard using Scanner
Sect 4: Using IF-Else to Make Decisions
Sect 5: Nested IF Statements
Sect 6: The IF-Else-IF Ladder
Sect 7: The Switch Statement
Sect 8: Using the Break Statement
Sect 9: The Remainder Operator and Continue Statement
Sect 10: The While Loop
Sect 11: The Do-While Loop
Sect 12: Exploring Java Classes and Packages
Sect 13: Absolute Value of Numbers
Sect 14: Rounding Numbers, Ceiling, and Floor
Sect 15: Powers and Square Roots
Sect 16: Using Pi and E in Calculations
Sect 17: Logarithms and Natural Logarithms
Sect 18: Converting between Degrees and Radians
Sect 19: Sin, Cos, and Tangent
Sect 20: aSin, aCos, and aTan

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