How to Make Decisions Faster Without Regret

How to Make Decisions Faster Without Regret
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"It is our choices that show who we really are, far more than our abilities" – J.K. Rowling
How to Make Decisions Faster (Ultimate Decision Making), will teach you how to make decisions quicker while under pressure and help accelerate your career.
This Course has two objectives:
1: To reduce the chance of you making a bad decision that will have negative consequences
2: To give you self confidence to make better decisions under a variety of circumstances by equipping you with the appropriate decision making tools and techniques.

Imagine if you could avoid making a bad decision for the rest of your life…how would that make you feel?

Bad decisions are only made when you don’t follow a process when making a decision. This course will help you figure out the right process to use depending on the type of decision that you need to make.

Yes that’s right, there’s more than one type of decision that can be made.

Most people think that a decision is a choice between two options but the truth is there are three types of decisions out there that you will face in life.

To grow into the successful leader you truly aspire to be, you need to know how to navigate all three of them so that you can avoid making bad decisions.

Ultimate Decision Making is about preparing you to make better decisions by following a specific process, regardless of whatever challenges come your way.

Why Should You Take This Course?

If you aspire to be a great leader and move up your career ladder then you need the skills contained in this course. World renowned leadership expert, John C Maxwell states: "Inability to make decisions is one of the principle reasons executives fail." So give yourself the best possible chance of a highly successful career and sign up to this course.

What Will You Learn?

Ultimate Decision Making will teach you some very specific skills to make you a better decision maker and more effective leader.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

Avoid using dangerous decision making methods such as "Gut Feeling" and "A/B Choice"
Describe the importance of using a solid decision making process to reduce the risk of making a bad decision.
Classify decisions into the 3 categories for easier management
Apply the appropriate decision making framework for each type of decision
Remember the most common mistakes in the decision making process and how to avoid them
Execute simple steps every time you have to make a decision

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