Lynda – Illustrator Creating Custom Brushes

Lynda – Illustrator: Creating Custom Brushes
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Create compelling and unique works of art by making custom Adobe Illustrator brushes. By customizing the brushes that you use, your illustrations can become more original, intricate, and complex. The results can include characteristics of real-world brushes, meaning you can achieve similar effects in an easy and fun way. In this course, Emily Kay shows you how to make custom brushes. First, Emily provides an overview of brush types. Then, she takes you through modification options for several brushes: calligraphic, scatter, art, bristle, and pattern. She also shows you how to layer and merge brushes and save brushes for future use.

Topics include:

Working with Illustrator brushes
Loading preset brushes
How brushes respond to variations
Changing colorization options
Adding textures and effects
Segmenting a brush
Creating a watercolor effect
Incorporating shading
Distributing on a path
Adding endcaps
Creating a complex pattern
Using gradients
Combining brushes
Saving custom art brushes

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