Lynda – Deke’s Techniques 2013

Lynda - Deke's Techniques 2013

Title: Lynda – Deke’s Techniques 2013
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Deke’s Techniques is a collection of short Photoshop and Illustrator projects and creative effects that can be completed in ten minutes or less. The series is taught by computer graphics guru Deke McClelland, and presented in his signature step-by-step style. The intent is to reveal how various Photoshop and Illustrator features can be combined and leveraged in real-world examples so that they can be applied to creative projects right away. New techniques are added to the collection each week. Exercise files accompany the course.

2013 Techniques
185 Creating a custom 2013 calendar in Illustrator
186 Adding dates to a calendar using tables
187 Branding your calendar with a field of logos
188 Crafting an Infinity symbol to match a specific font
189 Op art experiment 1a: Inflated checkers
190 Op art experiment 1b: Rounded windows
191 Building a universal ISOTYPE man with strokes
192 Building a universal ISOTYPE woman with strokes
193 Drawing an ISOTYPE couple in love
194 Creating a Warhol-style silkscreen effect
195 Creating a series of Warhol-style variations
196 Adding Warhol-style background variations
197 Creating opaque colored shadows
198 Assembling multiple variations into a single comp
199 Creating a pattern of unique inset circles
200 Changing a static blended color scheme
201 Op art experiment 2a: Undulating pattern
202 Op art experiment 2b: Concentric rings
203 Developing a dramatic castle in Camera Raw
204 Artificially coloring a photo in Camera Raw
205 Creating an antique photo effect in Camera Raw
206 Adding a weathered old-photo frame effect
207 Drawing an Angry Birds-like character
208 Stroking an entire layer in Illustrator
209 Drawing a classic snarling cartoon face
210 Drawing a radiant, cheerful cartoon background
211 Stroking any kind of type in Illustrator
212 Creating synthetic water droplets
213 Simulating liquid reflections with effect
214 Simulating liquid refractions with a dmap
215 Creating an eye-catching splatter effect
216 Defringing purples and greens in Camera Raw 7
217 Making a danger sign more dangerous
218 Using texture and depth to add realism
219 Precisely aligning artwork to the bleed
220 Creating and importing a tracing template
221 Drawing a distinctive 2D video game character
222 Adding features to a 2D character’s face
223 Creating a vivid aura around an entire character
224 Adding variable-width strokes in Illustrator
225 Animating bird wings with Puppet Warp
226 Animating text by onion skinning in Photoshop
227 Creating an animated movie in Photoshop
228 Exporting an animation to QuickTime and GIF
229 Correcting an underwater photograph
230 Making a photo razor-sharp and porcelain-smooth
231 Reducing noise in a high-ISO shot with Camera Raw
232 Creating highly reflective sunglasses
233 Adding drama to an outdoor portrait shot
234 Creating volumetric forms with shape layers
235 Creating a bloodshot eye effect
236 Shading an image with shapes and layer masks
237 Creating fabric textures with pattern layers
238 Colorize any layer with Color Overlay
239 Turning a portrait into a dot drawing
240 Creating a full-color dot drawing
241 Drawing an orthogonal cube with the line tool
242 Creating a cube of differently colored cubes
243 Recreating the Creative Cloud Logo in Illustrator
244 Creating a psychedelic fabric texture
245 Turning psychedelic fabric into rock letters
246 Creating a more finely rendered dot drawing
247 Converting from RGB to CMYK via Multichannel
248 Creating printer-safe CMYK shadows
249 Creating bright, golden motion trails
250 Creating schematic art with Illustrator’s grid
251 Drawing precisely aligned arrowhead
252 Adding arrowheads around a closed path
253 Drawing the Pen tool without touching the Pen tool
254 Merging frames for the best possible UAV photo
255 Retouching details in an aerial landscape
256 Editing a video and adding transitions in Photoshop
257 Importing the quadcopter crash sequences
258 Color correcting a video and adding a soundtrack
259 Adding precisely timed titles to your video
260 Hand-painting an image with a Wacom Cintiq
261 Blending the final false-color artwork
262 Creating a honeycomb pattern in Illustrator
263 Building up strokes to create 3D honeycomb
264 Turning yourself into a zombie
265 Enhancing an ambience environment for the undead
266 Creating dripping, gooey ghost letters

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