Lynda – Defining and Achieving Professional Goals

Lynda – Defining and Achieving Professional Goals
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Plenty of people have had the experience of setting goals and then failing to achieve them-think of all the New Year’s resolutions that are never realized. But with the right strategies, even your loftiest professional goals are attainable. In this course, career and personal branding expert Dorie Clark helps you identify what’s most important to you, and provides specific strategies for achieving your goals, such as getting an accountability partner, making your intentions public, and more. She also helps you maintain your goals by sharing tips and techniques for turning your goals into habits.

Topics include:
Setting your goals
How many goals should you have?
The difference between a goal and a to-do list
Building systems to help you succeed
Making success a way of life
Learning to ignore the unimportant
Rewarding yourself for success

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