Lynda – Cybersecurity Awareness – Security by Geolocation

Lynda – Cybersecurity Awareness – Security by Geolocation
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Geolocation data boasts a variety of uses. It can be used to secure an entire enterprise, verify if a wireless signal is trusted, allow access by location, or even just help a coffee shop customer locate a free Wi-Fi source. In this intermediate course, learn how to locate wireless signal sources using spectrum geolocation techniques. Jordan Scott kicks off the course by covering the concept of wardriving. Next, he provides an overview of geolocation, explaining how it works by taking you through a few examples. Plus, he discusses some available geolocation-enabled products, and dives into a few use cases that demonstrate problems that geolocation may help solve.

Topics include:
• Wardriving
• Access points
• Reviewing the concept of geolocation
• Triangulation
• Trilateration
• Multilateration
• Reviewing available products for geolocation
• Use cases

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