Lynda – Creating Game Environments in Maya and Photoshop

Lynda - Creating Game Environments in Maya and Photoshop

Title: Lynda – Creating Game Environments in Maya and Photoshop
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This course is a practical guide to constructing 3D buildings that can be used to populate video game environments. Author Adam Crespi starts with a gas station taken from a photograph—retrieving measurements and dimensions with modular blocking and planning techniques in Adobe Photoshop—and then re-creates the building in Maya with polygonal modeling and advanced texturing techniques. The course shows how to model elements such as walls, doors, and roofs, including stacking UVs on a texture sheet, and also sheds light on simulating real-world details like dirt, wear, and grime, using ambient occlusion and normal baking in a high- to low-poly workflow. The final chapter shows how to export the model to the Unity gaming engine for final cleanup and rendering. Topics include:

  • Analyzing concept art for contours, texture, and shadow detail
  • Blocking out the basic form of a building
  • Modeling modular elements
  • Planning for occlusion and texture stacking
  • Creating the low-poly-count elements
  • Planning a texture sheet
  • Stacking UVs
  • Transferring maps
  • Baking occlusion and normal maps
  • Drawing detail at the right size
  • Painting layers of dirt and wear
  • Adding lights and refining materials

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