Lynda com-3DS Max 2010 Textures And Materials-iRONiSO

Lynda com-3DS Max 2010 Textures And Materials-iRONiSO
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Introduction Welcome How to use this course Using the exercise files 1. Material Building Essentials Building a realistic material Material Editor overview Important Material Editor tools and icons When the sample slot looks wrong Applying and retrieving materials Copying and pasting materials and maps Using the Asset Browser Selecting the right rendering engine

2. Material Shader Types Blinn Phong Oren-Nayer-Blinn Metal Strauss Anisotropic Multi-Layer Translucent 3. Material Map Channels Diffuse Bump Opacity Specular Level and Specular Color Self-Illumination Reflection Refraction Displacement 4. Material Types Standard Blend Double-Sided Top/Bottom Multi Sub-Object Matte Shadow Ink and Paint Mental ray arch and design materials Mental ray ProMaterials 5. Creating Surfaces and Textures with Maps Bitmap editing Using noise maps Using other procedural maps Using gradient maps Creating realistic reflections Using composite maps to layer images Using mix maps Adjusting the color of a map 6. Mapping Techniques The UVW map modifier Mapping coordinate types Controlling map placement on a surface The importance of mapping location in the Modifier Stack Mapping at the sub-object level Mapping lofted objects Using multiple map channels The Unwrap UVW modifier Pelt mapping 7. Advanced Material Applications Animating materials and maps Creating realistic glass Creating and positioning decals Creating billboard tree maps Using material ID numbers to add glow 8. Material Libraries Material library essentials Creating a custom material library Accessing materials from a different project 9. Project: Using Bitmaps to Build a Complex Material Creating a metal rivet Building the hot metal material Tweaking the materials Animating the look of the hot metal material 10. Project: Creating Materials and Mapping and Adding Them to a Medieval Dagger Building the handle material Building the hand guard material Building the trim material Building the blade material Applying and mapping the handle material Applying and mapping the hand guard and trim materials Applying and mapping the blade material Applying the final touches MB 11. Project: Combining 3ds Max and Photoshop to Create a Company Logo Building the logo in Photoshop Adding the text Creating the image’s alpha channel Creating the logo material in 3ds Max Mapping the object using multiple map channels Conclusion Goodbye

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