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Lynda Business Math-XQZT
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If you lack a zest for numbers, you may have been tempted to disregard math after wrapping up your formal education. But while you may struggle to find practical applications for vector calculus, numbers are everywhere, and grasping certain fundamental mathematical concepts can help you better understand the world around you.

In this course, join accounting professors Jim and Kay Stice as they help you discover how to leverage the power of numbers to approach businesses problems and make everyday decisions. They explore the power of ratios and percentages, how to monitor and evaluate your budget, how to forecast the timing and amount of a business loan, and much more.

Topics include:

The power of ratios and percentages
Growth rates, rule of 72, and extrapolation
Financial ratios to determine unpaid inventory
How to convert to percentages
Variance and the concept of risk
Numerical planning and everyday decisions
Creating, monitoring, and evaluating your budget
Forecasting the timing and amount of a business loan
The power of compound interest
Loan payments and interest rates

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