Lynda – Advanced Mechanics in CG Animation

Lynda – Advanced Mechanics in CG Animation
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Mechanics-one of the pillars of animation-combines biology, physics, and art into one fascinating discipline. In this course, instructor David Andrade challenges you to stretch your animation abilities and tackle two very fun-but challenging-scenes: a woman performing parkour to climb a wall, and a fight scene featuring two professional martial artists. David shows how to animate these scenes with a quick, agile superhero character: Hilary. Along with being easy-to-use, Hilary is built for both Maya and Blender, and you can export her as an FBX file just in case you want to take her for a spin in other programs. To help you confidently handle these scenes, David explains how to break down each action into beats and refine each movement.

Topics include:

Defining advanced mechanics in animation
Thinking in terms of form and force
Using pose tools to accelerate work speed
Animating a wall climb in Blender and Maya
Refining movements that lead to stronger character poses
Simplifying advanced mechanics in a workflow
Animating a roundhouse kick
Animating, refining, and polishing a fight scene
Avoiding common issues

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