Lynda – 3ds Max Rendering with Arnold

Lynda – 3ds Max: Rendering with Arnold
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Arnold is a high-quality rendering engine in 3ds Max 2018. Realistic rendering is easier than ever with this brute force Monte Carlo ray tracer. The physically-based rendering of Arnold accurately simulates light in the real world, but allows the breaking of physical laws to achieve artistic styles. This course is an overview of the core features of Arnold for lighting, materials, and rendering in 3ds Max.

Topics include:

Arnold rendering concepts
Arnold lights such as quad, spot, and distant
Modifying Arnold object properties
Filtering light with the gobo filter modifier
Image-based lighting with Skydome
Daylight simulation with Physical Sky
Arnold Standard Surface material parameters
Diffuse, opacity, and bump mapping
Rendering refractions with Transmission
Building an Arnold shading network
Test rendering with utility map
Mesh subdivision and displacement at render time
Atmospheric perspective with scene environment fog
Rendering a spherical environment with VR Camera

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