LiveLessons – Perl Fundamentals

LiveLessons – Perl Fundamentals

Author: Peter Scott
Duration: 4+ hours
Released: Mar 9, 2009
Video Format: FLV
Resolution: 1024×768
File Size: 1.06 GB
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Description :

In this video training renowned Perl author and speaker Peter Scott takes you through the fundamental elements of the Perl 5 language so that you have a strong foundation for creating robust Perl programs and learning more advanced aspects of the language.

Even if you’ve never run a Perl program before, you’ll learn what you need to know to get started on every popular platform. Scott advances through the language in a logical progression, from the basics of printing strings to the use of regular expressions for pattern matching and text manipulation. In between, he covers the core components of the language, demonstrating through many examples exactly how each one works. In the final lesson, he shows the power of Perl’s objects and modules for writing web programs. A uniquely valuable aspect of this video is Scott’s demonstrations of many common pitfalls and how to avoid them. You’ll learn a carefully crafted subset of the language that enables you to create powerful, robust programs while avoiding the traps that can result from learning Perl in the wrong sequence.

Peter Scott is the author of Perl Medic (2004) and Perl Debugged (2001), both from Addison-Wesley. A graduate of Cambridge University and former Jet Propulsion Laboratory developer, he’s been a Perl trainer since 1998 and taught Perl at top institutions as well as at prominent conferences such as the Open Source Conference and Software Development Expo. He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife Grace, two cats, and a loud parrot, and enjoys kayaking.

* Lesson 1: Introduction: Creating and Running Your First Perl Program; Error Exits; Diagnostics
* Lesson 2: Arithmetic and String Operations with Scalar Variables; Conditional Statements
* Lesson 3: Arrays, Lists, Looping Statements, and Command Line Arguments
* Lesson 4: Making Common Tasks Simple with Hashes; Logical Shortcuts
* Lesson 5: Defining and Calling Subroutines to Make Reusable Code
* Lesson 6: Reading and Writing Files; Effective Use of Perls Implicit Variable
* Lesson 7: Using Regular Expressions to Match and Change Text
* Lesson 8: Finding and Using Perl Modules and the Perl Portal; Perl CGI and Web Programs
* Lesson 9: Appendix: Installing Perl: How to Get Perl on Your Machine


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