LinuxCBT – Ruby Edition

LinuxCBT - Ruby Edition

Title: LinuxCBT – Ruby Edition
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Description :

Course Objective

Ruby on Windows | Linux Scripting Environment – Module VII

Features & Basics
Discuss key features
Install on Windows
Explore interactive | non-interactive environments
Draw parallels to Python & Perl
Define and manipulate common string-type VARs
Evaluate results

Arrays | Hashes
Discuss applicability
Define sample arrays & hashes
Manipulate using applicable methods
Evaluate results

Simple Class Definition
Discuss Ruby OO-environment
Define simple class with references to predefined methods
Instantiate and call accordingly
Update as needed with enhanced functionality
Evaluate results

Iteration | Conditions
Explain the Ruby iteration model
Generate enumerable types and iterate
Discuss traditional iteration support
Trap and manipulate enumerable entities
Explore various conditional forms
Branch code with appropriate conditional test
Evaluate resutls

Regular Expressions (RegExes)
Discuss applicability
Enumerate useful metacharacters
Perform matches as needed
Filter data and evaluate

File IO Introdution
Discuss capabilities
Identify key classes & methods
Construct references to file IO classes & methods
Process data accordingly
Prepare to write scripts with File IO classes

Ruby Scripts
Discuss features & beneftis
Mass Copy | Move script for general purposes
Normalize files based on criteria
Compare and contrast with other languages
Evaluate results

Logger Class
Discuss relevance & applicability
Construct skeleton class with desired functionality
Extend capabilities of class as needed
Commit class to library
Require class in front-end scripts
Explore both Windows | Linux operability
Evaluate results

Exception Handling | Parameter Validation
Explain exception handling model
Compare and contrast with traditional erro-handling scheme
Trap important code within exception blocks
Handle errors accordingly
Validate input parameters
Evaluate results

LinuxCBT - Ruby Edition

LinuxCBT - Ruby Edition

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