Linux Network Programming

Linux Network Programming
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The course begins by contrasting the TCP and UDP protocols. It then describes the classic "sockets" API in detail and shows how to write clients and servers using both protocols. Techniques for achieving concurrency are covered, including multi-processing, multi-threading, and the select() system call. "C" is used as the primary implementation language but some Python examples are also presented.

Linux Network Programming
By Chris Brown
This course shows how to use the UNIX/Linux "sockets" API to write clients and servers using TCP and UDP protocols. Both "C" and Python examples are presented.
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Setting the Scene
29m 53s
Protocol Layering and the Client/server Model 6m 19s
Connectionless vs. Connection-oriented Service 7m 49s
Demonstrations: lsof and nmap 8m 47s
Demonstration: Packet Analysis with Wireshark 6m 57s
Writing TCP-based Servers
24m 35s
TCP server: Operations and System Calls 13m 1s
Demonstration: A rot13 Server 6m 49s
The Python Sockets Module 4m 9s
Summary and Next Module 0m 34s
Writing TCP-based Clients
27m 17s

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