Learn QlikView to Easily Create a Great Data Discovery Tool

Learn QlikView to Easily Create a Great Data Discovery Tool
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What Is QlikView?
Introduction 2m 11s
QlikView App Demo 8m 40s
Keys to Success 1m 49s
QlikView Learning Paths 1m 12s
Summary 0m 48s

Natural Joins Make for Easy Data Models

Introduction 1m 3s
Get Your Data Ready! 2m 47s
QlikView Personal Edition 1m 2s
Natural Joins 6m 6s
QVDs and Document Defaults for Fast Builds 5m 59s

Filters, Selections, and KPIs – Quick-look Dashboard Elements

Introduction 1m 46s
List Boxes 9m 16s
Current Selections 1m 48s
Text Objects 10m 16s
Gauges 9m 13s
Search Objects 2m 18s
Wrap Up 0m 31s

Dig Deep with Charts and Graphs

Introduction 1m 31s
Pie Charts 7m 33s
Bar Charts 16m 30s
Line Charts 7m 46s
Straight Tables 13m 29s
Pivot Tables 2m 59s
Table Box 2m 33s

Dashboard Presentation Is the Key to Dashboard Adoption

Introduction 1m 4s
Bad Dashboard! 1m 36s
Good Layout Principles 1m 57s
Wrap Up 1m 41s

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