Karl Taylor – Advertising Product and Still Life Photography Secrets

Karl Taylor – Advertising Product and Still Life Photography Secrets
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"Some images are good but some images simply astound people.
In this my most comprehensive pro level training package yet, I’ve dedicated 15 years of my Pro Studio photography secrets and knowledge into more than 10 hours of top-level training. Each chapter reveals something that most pro’s would prefer kept as a closely guarded secret, but I reveal all to help you create cutting edge images that knock the socks off art directors and businesses.

To make this the most inspirational and ultimate pro training available I purposely chose 20 of the most technically challenging advertising photo shoots. Each one has been filmed step by step from concept to creation to give you the inside knowledge that will win you new contracts and set your images apart from the competition.

The value of this package will earn you back every penny and more and save you years worth of frustrating experimentation and trial and error.

There has never been a product like this before and there is no other product on the market like it. This product will deliver results for your photography and demonstrate exactly how to shoot this type of imagery step by step." Karl Taylor

What’s Covered

Studio Overview
We first take a look at the basic requirements and equipment for advertising photography, providing you with the minimum starting points for space and studio type. Plus a look at the equipment and useful accessories and lighting needed for advertising and product photography.

Cameras & Workflow
Shooting images is one thing, but consideration also needs to be given to the way you shoot, the format, the camera types and workflow.

For this shoot I deliberately chose a difficult shaped product that perfectly demonstrates how to make a retail item look desirable for advertising. The obvious difficulties here are lighting and product positioning, I guide you through this complex shoot step by step.

Car Shoot
Cars are notoriously difficult to shoot and usually require a specialized studio and equipment. I shot this one in a shipping warehouse with just some of my standard studio gear. This shoot perfectly demonstrates that it is often more about understanding than big budgets to get the job done.

Whisky Bottle
Again another subject that many photographers struggle to make look appealing. The techniques for shooting glass and liquids require a certain discipline and knowledge that once acquired will help you understand a variety of other similarly difficult lighting situations.

Paint Explosion
Nothing short of spectacular, but not for the faint hearted! This shoot created some mind boggling complications, but by applying logic and knowledge there is always a way to make an image work.

Shiny Chrome Kettle
Sounds easy, looks easy, but to get the result on this type of shot or items like jewellery and still retain a metallic feel whilst avoiding unsightly reflections is often a complicated task. I guide you through this one with a set up that you can use time and time again.

How do you make something fairly mundane look like a work of art? Empowering your subject to give it presence and desirability is what makes a successful advertising image and there are lighting considerations, camera angles and techniques that will help make it work. Find out how.

Paint Ball
Yes believe it or not you could do this too. I’ll show you how and our Pro Support Members Area will answer any questions that you have

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