Jurgen Ziewe – Reality and Out of Body Experiences (2011)

Jurgen Ziewe – Reality and Out of Body Experiences (2011)
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Category: Lucid Dreams/Astral Projection

Part 1 – Reality and Out of Body experiences

• Own experience is paramount
• How OBEs transforms our perception of death
• The reality of non-physical life
• Multidimensional travel is a natural potential within all of us
• How to attain super awareness during OBEs
• Misconceptions and cliches about the afterlife
• How people experience their new (after)life shortly after death
• Finding proof is possible but often not via the designed methods

Part 2 – Reality and Out of Body Experiences

• More about what really happens after death
• Widespread ignorance about our afterlife conditions causes suffering
• Characteristics of the intermediate dimensions
• Self-actualisation and characteristic of the higher dimensions
• The higher dimensions are experienced with an expanded state of consciousness and increased power
• Societies on higher dimensions function differently because of changed dynamics and projected psychological attitudes

Part 3 – Reality and Out of Body Experiences – Q&A

• About meditation
• Meeting your “Higher Self”
• About consensus realities
• OB travelers and permanent residents
• OBE and psychic powers
• Does OBE change your life?
• The “Paradise” of a suicide bomber (visiting a suicide bomber in the afterlife)
• Guidelines for the afterlife

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