Julian Moore – Cartomancy – A Playing Card Reading Primer

Julian Moore – Cartomancy – A Playing Card Reading Primer
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Category: Tarot / Oracle Cards

I decided to give a description of this book myself.
First of all, it gives you the BASICS! But, it also tells you how to USE the basics! This is the most important part of becoming a true card reader. Suit correspondences, putting the suits together, card meanings, spreads are some of the main parts of this ebook.
The writer himself has created an audiobook, as well, so we could all learn while driving, or even exercising.. 😛 The whole book has been divided in parts-chapters and it is very easy to replay something you missed or misunderstood.

Few words about the method: Julian Moore has been definitely influenced by Regina Russell and Hedgewytch. Who are they? The "creators" of the MOST DETAILED cartomancy methods I’ve ever encountered. However, this ebook is the place to start! You will never regret the download!! Honestly!

Please, don’t hesitate to ask me for more info.

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