Jose DeCamps – Beginning – Intermediate (Bronze) Salsa Syllabus

Jose DeCamps – Beginning – Intermediate (Bronze) Salsa Syllabus
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Jose & Jami’s teaching is clear and precise and their dancing is hot. All figures are shown with On 1 (LA style) and On 2 (NEW YORK style/MODERN 2) timing. Each video is professionally produced in an organized one-on-one format like a private lesson, making this Dance Vision Video/DVD clear and easy to comprehend.

LA style- Man starts Left foot forward
NEW YORK style/MODERN 2 – Man starts on Right foot, back on 2, forward on 6

Introduction to Timing

Introduction to Styling
L.A., New York, Miami, Puerto Rican, Cuban

Introduction to Basic’s
Forward & Back Basic
Back Breaks
Side Breaks
Cross Body Lead

Introduction to Turns
Basic Right Turn
Basic Left Turn
Broken Left Turn
½ Broken Left Turn
Ladies Pivot Turn
Man’s Hook Turn

1) Underarm Turns Right
a. Basic with Ladies Right Turn
b. Basic with Man’s Right Turn
I. Over Head
II. Hand Change Behind the Back
III. Off the Shoulder

2) Underarm Turns
a. Basic with Ladies Broken Left
b. Basic with Man’s Broken Left
I. Over Head
II. Hand Change Behind the Back
III. Off the Shoulder
IV. With Styling (Free spin with Snake)

3) Underarm Turns Left
a. Back Breaks with Ladies Left Turn
b. Back Breaks with Man’s Left Turn

4) Cross Body Lead
a. In Closed Position
b. Two Hand Hold
c. In Handshake Hold
d. Waist Hold

5) Cross Body Lead with Ladies Inside Turn
a. Normal Hold
b. Shoulder Lead
c. Waist Hold

6) Catch the Back or Two Way Underarm
a. Normal with Right or Left Turn Ending
b. With Arm Styling

7) Back Spot Turn
a. 1 Measure
b. Open & Closed
c. Ending with Check and Cross Body Lead

8) Cross Body Lead – Open Break to Shoulder Turn
9) She Goes-He Goes-She Goes
10) Back Pass
11) The Spiral
12) Back Roll
13) Drop Hand Catch
14) Ladies Left to Man’s Right Turn
15) Social Step
16) Dance Demonstration

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