Jeff Warren – The Head Trip Adventures on the Wheel of Consciousness

Jeff Warren – The Head Trip: Adventures on the Wheel of Consciousness
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“Audacious, enchanting and often hilarious . this book will blow your mind.”
–New York Times science writer Sandra Blakeslee, co-author of The Mind Has a Body of Its Own

The Head Trip: Adventures on the Wheel of Consciousness by Jeff Warren is an entrancing taxonomy of waking, sleeping and dreaming states of consciousness. It is a book of psychology and neuroscience, and also of adventure, wherein the author not only comes to a new understanding of the relationship between the mind and the body, but-perhaps mistakenly-comes to believe he possesses thrilling and unusual consciousness superpowers. The many figures, sequential panels and mechanical devices are drawn by the author.

“[The Head Trip] is staggeringly ambitious in scope.and yet it’s also friendly and direct. The scientific research is solid and sometimes daunting to readers who haven’t retained much from past biology and chemistry classes, but the tone is conversational, smart and often wickedly funny.. one gets the sense of a fully engaged mind weaving an overwhelming glut of fascinating material into a synthesized, though multi-layered, whole. And just as we must use the mind to examine the mind, Warren is fully present at all times in the narrative, with all his doubts, vulnerabilities and anxieties
along with his infectious enthusiasm for learning about what makes us tick. It’s a highly readable, innovative work – while there have been many pop-science books on consciousness written for a general audience, this is the first to approach the topic from a personal perspective."
-Damian Rogers, Eye Weekly (Toronto) [LINK]

“Warren, a Canadian science journalist, combines the rigorous self-experimentation of Steven Johnson’s Mind Wide Open with the wacky self-experimentation of A.J. Jacob’s The-Know-It-All in this entertaining field guide to the varying levels of mental awareness… More important than the theories, though, may be the basic tools-and the visionary spirit-that Warren hands off to those interested in hacking their own minds.”
-Publishers Weekly

“[.An] enjoyably big and baggy book. In a welcome attempt to bring some well-needed levity to the often paralyzingly earnest discussions of such matters, Warren structures the book as a Wheel of Fortune-like spinner on which a "You Are Here" sign points to different stages, from The Hypnagogic to The REM Dream, at the start of each chapter…[A] good-natured and self-deprecating ramble through the worlds
of sleep and wakefulness.”
– Kirkus

"The Head Trip is … trippy and inspiring, as well as enlightening. It’s more elegantly written, entertaining and illustrated (with Warren’s own pencil drawings and ruminative doodles) than what one might expect from, let’s say, a Dummies Guide to the Mind. But it’s just as user friendly. Definitely something you’ll want to pack on your own nerdy head-trip."
– Juliet Waters, Montreal Mirror

"When Warren does fall asleep, the dreams are Spielberg-worthy: At one point, iPods turn the world’s population into flesh-eating zombies; the author takes refuge "in a large medieval castle," from which he and his fellow survivors launch "a series of spectacular supply raids in converted World War One fighter planes." The Head Trip is a fascinating read … Warren provides a valuable service, beyond merely documenting the breathtaking scope of conscious (and unconscious) experience. Science has tiptoed around the mind because it is too close to home: Other disciplines ask us to observe the world around us with the best available lens; the mind, awkwardly, is that lens. Warren has attempted to turn that lens on itself, and has reminded us just how difficult that task is."
Dan Falk, The Globe and Mail

Product Description

A world at once familiar and unimaginably strange exists all around us-and within us. It is the world of consciousness, a protean mental landscape that each of us knows intimately in bits and pieces yet understands in its totality scarcely at all. Tied to the body and the brain, consciousness is nonetheless beyond our ability to measure or quantify. Despite the attempts of scientists and mystics, poets and dreamers, crackpots and geniuses, to map its contours and explain its secret workings, the mind remains mysterious. And the more we learn about it, the more mysterious it becomes.

But that is not to say that we know nothing about consciousness. In fact, as gonzo science journalist Jeff Warren demonstrates in this provocative, often hilarious, and always fascinating synthesis of cutting-edge research and personal experience, just how much we do know is little short of astonishing. And when Warren fits the pieces together, the implications of that knowledge are, well, mind-blowing.

Warren begins with the insight that consciousness is not a simple on-off proposition, with rigid demarcations separating waking awareness from the murky depths of sleep, but rather a round-the-clock continuum regulated by natural biorhythms. He then sets out to explore, and to experience for himself, the seemingly miraculous, all-but-untapped potential of the human mind.

From the full-immersion virtual realities of lucid dreaming to the esoteric disciplines of Eastern meditative practices that have reached outposts of consciousness far beyond the grasp of Western science, from techniques of hypnosis and neurofeedback to such exotic states of awareness as the Watch and the Pure Conscious Event, Warren takes us on an incredible journey through our own heads-a journey conducted with the adventurous spirit and intellectual curiosity of a Darwin coupled with the sensibility of a stand-up comedian.

Part user’s manual and part travel guide, The Head Trip is an instant classic, a brilliant summation of consciousness studies that is also a practical guide to enhancing creativity, mental health, and the experience of what it means to be human. Many books claim that they will change you. This one gives you the tools to change yourself.

About the Author

Jeff Warren is a freelance producer for CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Radio. He has lived and worked in Paris, London, Montreal, San Francisco, and Vancouver, and currently lives in Toronto.

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