JavaScript The Hard Parts

JavaScript The Hard Parts
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In JavaScript the Hard Parts you balance developing ‘under-the-hood’ mental models of how the challenging concept works with diving into coding challenges – giving you the capacity to effortlessly navigate through any new problems.
We start with callbacks and higher order functions. These functions like map, reduce and filter are powerful tools and keep our code DRY but can be complex to navigate. We will learn to diagram through even the most complex higher order functions and callback scenarios so you can build your own higher order functions from scratch
Next we move to closure – probably the most misunderstood feature of JavaScript yet one of the most powerful. By introducing the execution context and variable environment, we’ll be able to understand classic closure functions like once, memorize and even password-protected functions.

Next we explore asynchronous JavaScript under-the-hood. Understanding this area is the backbone to being an effective JavaScript engineer. To do so we’ll get a clear sense of the call stack, event loop and task queue so you can navigate complex asynchronous problems easily

Finally we explore the most popular Object-oriented programming patterns in JavaScript and learn how the ‘this’ and ‘new’ keywords are working under-the-hood with the prototype chain. We close with an advanced look at subclassing in JavaScript.

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