INE- CCNA Security 210-260

INE- CCNA Security 210-260
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There is a huge gap of Security professionals on the market, so this will be your starting point in the Security world, a complex but fun and challenging track. As being CCNA Security certified, a network professional demonstrates the skills required to develop a security infrastructure, recognize threats and vulnerabilities to networks, and mitigate security threats. This course will help candidates obtain a deeper understanding of the technologies from the blueprint, which will tremendously help prepare for the certification exam and also for real-life deployments. As opposed to Bootcamp courses, this certification video series is a mix of slides, visual explanations and configuration examples to reinforce the knowledge. Slides should be used as a reference for the exam, while the examples as a reference for real-life deployments. Lab topologies will be designed, explaining the objective for each design, and then built from scratch by the instructor, nothing being pre-scripted, pre-tested or pre-recorded . During the process, the instructor will intentionally demonstrate the effects of misconfigurations and failures, randomly making learners think how to approach a specific problem, never seen before. You will also learn how to build a proper study and learning methodology. It’s highly recommended to also watch the "CCNA Security Bootcamp :: 210-260 IINS” course.

Course Duration: 31hrs 33min

Instructor: Cristian Matei

CCIEx2 #23684


Section 1: Course Introduction

1- Introduction
2- IINS Overview
3- About the Certification
4- Certification Goals
5- Study Materials
6- Recommended Books
7- Cisco Documentation
8- Additional Information
9- IINS Sample Exam Questions – Part 1
10- IINS Sample Exam Questions – Part 2
11- IINS Sample Exam Questions – Part 3
12- IINS Sample Exam Questions – Part 4

Section 2: Network Security Concepts

13- Computer Security Terminology
14- Goals of Network Security
15- Understanding Security Threats
16- Internal Security Threats
17- Responding to Security Threats
18- Assets
19- Vulnerabilities
20- Countermeasures Part 1
21- Countermeasures Part 2.mp4
22- Risk Analysis
23- Network Security Design Principles Part 1
24- Network Security Design Principles Part 2
25- Network Security Responsibilities
26- Social Engineering Attacks
27- Phishing Attacks
28- Social Engineering & Phishing Mitigation
29- DOS & DDoS Attacks Part 1
30- DOS & DDoS Attacks Part 2
31- DOS & DDoS Mitigation
32- Spoofing Attacks
33- TCP Spoofing Attacks
34- Spoofing Attack Mitigation
35- Reflection Attack
36- Amplification Attack
37- Passwords Attacks
38- Reconnaissance Attacks
39- Buffer Overflow Attacks
40- MiTM Attacks
41- Evolution of Malicious Code
42- Script Kiddies
43- Malware as a Service
44- Common Threat Defense Technologies
45- Firewall
46- Content Security Firewall
47- Intrusion Prevention System
48- Virtual Private Networks
49 -Logging & Monitoring
50- Endpoint Security

Section 3: Securing Network Devices

51- Network Device Planes of Operation.mp4
52- Securing the Management Plane – AAA
53- What is AAA
54- AAA Model
55- Radius
57- When to Use Which Protocol
58- Cisco’s Authentication Servers
59- AAA for Device Administration
60- IOS Privilege Levels
61- Authentication Configuration & Verification Steps
62- Remote Access for Device Administration
63- AAA Implementation Part 1
64- AAA Implementation Part 2
65- AAA Implementation Part 3
66- Syslog
67- Syslog Configuration & Verification Steps
68- Network Time Protocol – NTP.mp4
69- NTP Configuration & Verification Steps
70- Simple Network Management Protocol
71- SNMPv3
72- SNMPv3 Configuration & Verification Steps

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