Improving Your MVC Applications with 10 Extension Points

Improving Your MVC Applications with 10 Extension Points
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Extension Points Overview
Exploring the Sample Project
Improving Application Responses with Custom Action Results
Problem Overview
Diving into Action Results
Demo: A Simple Custom Action Result
Demo: Extending Existing Action Results


Organizing Application Flow with Action Filters

The Workflow Problem

Working with Action Filters

Demo Part 1: Beginning the Workflow Filter

Demo Part 2: Implementing the Workflow Filter


Keeping Your Razor Code Clean with HTML Helpers

The Case for HTML Helpers

HTML Helpers Overview

Demo: Improving Razor Code Using a Custom HTML Helper


Enabling Theme Support with a Custom View Engine

Diving into Themes

Understanding MVC View Engines

Demo: Building the Custom View Engine

Demo: Implementing the Custom View Engine


Improving Error Handling with Custom Exception Filters

The Need for Exception Handling

Handling Exceptions in MVC

Demo: Handling Errors with Custom Exception Filters


Extending Validation to Improve Data Integrity

The Need for Custom Validation

Data Validation Techniques in MVC

Demo: Creating a Custom Validation Attribute

Demo: Implementing Cross Property Validation


Extending Data Binding with Custom Model Binders

Binding Additional Data Formats

Understanding the Model Binding Process

Demo: Coding a Custom Model Binder


Improving Data Availability with Custom Value Providers

The Need for Additional Data Sources

Extending Model Binding through Value Providers

Demo: Creating a Custom Value Provider


Customizing Security Using Authentication Filters

Exploring the Application’s Security

Understanding Authentication and Authorization Filters

Demo: Building an Authentication Filter


Influencing Action Method Execution Using Custom Selectors

Improving Control Over Requests

Deep Dive into Action Selectors

Demo: Creating a Custom Action Method Selector

Demo: Enhancing the Controller Layer Using a Base Class


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