GumRoad – Zbrush 4R7 ‘ Robot Head’ modeling tutorial series

GumRoad – Zbrush 4R7 ‘ Robot Head’ modeling tutorial series
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This course is a look at various methods of modeling hard-surface elements in Zbrush 4R7, through the creation of a robot head based on an original concept by Darren’FightPunch’Bartley. I demonstrate many different ways to get parts out quickly for either concepting or the creation of hard-surface high-poly bake meshes for game asset creation.
The content is fully narrated and explained: 90% is real-time; 10% is 1.5 speed(also narrated) Duration: 3.5 hours
The course would be particularly useful to people who are comfortable in Zbrush but haven’t used it for hard-surface modeling.
For more in-depth coverage of the basics of HS modeling in Zbrush check out my YouTube channel where I have over 100 free videos on many aspects of Zbrush.

Part 1 – creating complex meshes with Booleans

Part 2 – dynameshing the Boolean in Zbrush

Part 3 – creating custom insert brushes

Part 4 – zmodeler

Part 5 – adding inserts/dynamic ‘Qgrid’ subdiv/clip-modeling dynamesh

Part 6 – zmodeler to dynamesh/slice curve-zremesh-detailing/loose zmodeling

Part 7 – zmodeler pipe modeling/curve brushes/dynameshing with radial symmetry

Part 8 – final tip and outro

Any questions at all feel free to contact me @ [email protected]

The download also contains the final .ZTL, the Boolean polymesh(.OBJ), and a text document with the course content broken down per chapter for easy reference to particular techniques.

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