Gumroad Tom Newburry Texturing Realistic Skin for Characters

Gumroad : Tom Newburry Texturing Realistic Skin for Characters
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This is the first of 2 tutorials where I go through my process of creating realistic skin for characters.
In this tutorial I will be taking advantage of the fantastic resource, texturing xyz. Here is a link to the website:
I go through the entire process of using these textures, starting with combining the separate levels of detail into a usable rgb map. I do this in both Photoshop and nuke. I then launch into Mari where I give a quick into to the software and then we begin with projecting on the diffuse maps and then the displacement maps.
I also provide a couple of side tutorials which go through my process of creating tile-able textures in photoshop as well as my process of taking the finished displacement maps back into zbrush where we can continue adding details and irregularities.
This is a step by step tutorial separated out into 20 chapters. I don’t skip any parts of the process and I don’t use time lapses at any point.

The software used in this tutorial is:

Even if you are using a different software such as mudbox for texturing, the methods I use in this tutorial should translate over to those packages.

I hope you enjoy the tutorial and learn as much as you can about my process.

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