The Great Courses – The Psychology of Performance How to Be Your Best in Life (Unabridged)

The Great Courses – The Psychology of Performance: How to Be Your Best in Life (Unabridged)
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"How do you get to Carnegie Hall?" "Practice. Practice. Practice." Today, the relatively new science of performance psychology tells us that old answer is incomplete at best. In The Psychology of Performance: How to Be Your Best in Life, clinical sport psychologist Eddie O’Connor, PhD, shares the best ways for you to reach your personal Carnegie Hall based on the latest scientific research – whether your performance environment is music, dance, business, or sport. These often surprising research results will make you rethink your own performance strategies, offering approaches you might never have considered and busting myths you might have taken as truth.

As Dr. O’Connor explains, the work of a sport psychologist is not defined by sport, but by the science of performance psychology, the mental aspects of superior performance in settings where excellence is central – usually sports, the performing arts, business, and high-risk professions such as the military. In Dr. O’Connor’s work and in this course, sport is a lens through which to view the issues of practice, anxiety, injury, confidence, and more – issues that apply to any performer.

We’ve always known that physical training can reshape our bodies. This exciting research reveals that mental training also can modify the structure and function of our brains, resulting in increased neurological ability to perform a particular skill. Purposeful practice gets you there. Learn why it’s the only thing that can.

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