– Secure Authentication for Web Apps & APIs Using JWTs – Secure Authentication for Web Apps & APIs Using JWTs
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Non-trivial web applications require some form of user authentication. When it comes to implementing authentication in modern single page apps, things can get a bit tricky, and the traditional methods of session and cookie-based auth tend to get in the way. The JSON Web Token spec offers a much better way of handling authentication in a SPA and comes with many benefits.

Getting Started
Ryan Chenkie opens the course by sharing the agenda and discussing the some of the topics he’ll be covering. While Ryan will be using an Angular 2 application throughout the course, he provides links to Angular 1 and React versions as well. The API for is hosted on, but if participants want a local copy, Ryan provides a GIthub repository which can be downloaded. –
Application & API Demonstration
00:03:45 – 00:09:48
Application & API Demonstration
Ryan spends a few minutes demonstrating the application used throughout the course. The application displays a list of instructors. Users must be authenticated to view this list. Authenticated users with admin privileges will be able to add instructors. He also takes a look at the API which provides the application with data.
Challenge: Run the Finished Application
00:09:49 – 00:11:35
Challenge: Run the Finished Application
In this challenge, you will run the finished application in the framework of your choosing. You will also access the API and view it’s documentation. Optionally, you can create a user for yourself by using a utility like Postman.

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