Father Brown – Series 2 (2014)

Father Brown – Series 2 (2014)
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The series is set during the early 1950s, in the fictional Cotswold village of Kembleford, where Father Brown is the parish priest at St Mary Catholic Church solving crimes to the exasperation of a baffled police inspector who often arrests the wrong suspect. Father Brown uses his closest friends’ abilities to solve a case even when they are suspected of the crime; and his vocation as a priest often gives him an insight to the truth, so that justice but occasionally not the letter of the law may be served. The time period is during Britain’s emergence from the hardships of World War II, and the death penalty is still in effect for capital crimes such as murder.

Mark Williams as Father Brown
Hugo Speer as Inspector Valentine (series 1 and 2.1)
Tom Chambers) as Inspector Sullivan (series 2 and 3)
Sorcha Cusack as Mrs Bridgette McCarthy
Nancy Carroll) as Lady Felicia Montague
Alex Price as Sid Carter
Kasia Koleczek) as Susie Jasinski (series 1)
Keith Osborn as Sergeant Albright (series 1 and 2)
John Burton as Sergeant Goodfellow (series 2 and 3)

1 "The Ghost in the Machine" 6 January 2014
Father Brown investigates the disappearance of a parishioner, Charlotte McKinley, who believed she was being haunted by her sister who had disappeared nine years previously. Husband Victor (Andrew Havill), a struck-off doctor, is arrested as being responsible for the murder of both women. Final appearance of Hugo Speer as Inspector Valentine. First appearance of Tom Chambers as Inspector Sullivan.

2 "The Maddest of All" 7 January 2014
Ex-serviceman Felix Underwood (Peter Bramhill), a mental patient at the Danvers Retreat, dies suddenly in the street. Events take an unusual turn when he returns to life two days later at his church committal. Father Brown assists Inspector Sullivan to discover the reason for the resurrection, and gets himself committed for mental problems.

3 "The Pride of the Prydes" 8 January 2014
The opening to the public of Pryde Castle, an estate mired in death duties, ends when guide Audrey Diggle (Marcia Warren), is struck and killed by an arrow. She was an expert on the Pryde’s family history, including an old curse. Father Brown is convinced that the motive lies in the Pryde family’s past, when a page from the parish birth records goes missing. All the family members are known to use a longbow.

4 "The Shadow of the Scaffold" 9 January 2014
Violet Fernsley (Emma Stansfield), convicted of killing her pig farmer husband whose body has never been found, is given a temporary reprieve from the gallows when she claims she is pregnant. The pregnancy test gives Father Brown three days to find the real killer. When her husband’s finger turns up in a pig’s stomach, it points to a serial killer amongst the family.

5 "The Mysteries of the Rosary" 10 January 2014
The Lannington Rosary, missing for 500 years, is a relic blessed with healing powers. Professor Hilary Ambrose (James Laurenson) has sent an ancient prayer book containing a clue to its whereabouts to his old friend Father Brown, before he goes missing and his home is ransacked. Brown receives unexpected help from the untrustworthy Flambeau (John Light), returned from the dead. A terminally ill fellow priest, Father Ignatius (Anton Lesser) also seeks the rosary.

6 "The Daughters of Jerusalem" 13 January 2014
Father Brown is laid up in his attic bedroom with a broken leg, and young Father Roland Eager is acting as his locum. His film of African orphans being shown at the Kembleford Women’s Institute is switched for a pornographic film. In the following days, two members of the Institute are murdered, one poisoned and one stabbed with a hat pin. Inspector Sullivan arrests Dianah Fortescue, whose husband was earlier arrested in a Soho pornographic cinema. Brown investigates with the help of Mrs. McCarthy, Lady Felicia, Sid Carter, and a telescope.

7 "The Three Tools of Death" 4 January 2014
Alice Armstrong has been treated by electroshock therapy for memory loss and depression, after she accidentally killed her mother. When her father is murdered and a rope, gun, and knife are left behind, Magnus the chauffeur is suspected together with Peter, Armstrong’s secretary, whom Alice loves. The truth of a father in debt leads Father Brown to another conclusion about the deaths.

8 "The Prize of Colonel Gerard" 15 January 2014
Edward Gerard, a prisoner of war who returns from North Korea sympathetic to his captors greatly displeases his martinet uncle, Colonel Cecil Gerard (Nicholas Jones), who threatens to commit him to an asylum. When the Colonel is murdered, the suspects include the nephew, the Colonel’s daughter (an adopted Chinese girl) the nephew was going to run away with, the brother-in-law, and the victim’s wife. Father Brown finds the solution lies in the family history and the Colonel’s sexual intentions to his adopted daughter.

9 "The Grim Reaper" 16 January 2014
Obnoxious farmer John Tatton has an equally obnoxious son, Alfred, who covets the young wife, Oona (Maureen O’Connell), of Doctor Crawford (James Fleet). When Alfred is killed in a threshing machine, the doctor is suspected when accusatory poison pen letters appear. John Tatton believes his son was having an affair with the doctor’s wife, who is pregnant.

10 "The Laws of Motion" 17 January 2014
Audrey MacMurray (Tracy-Ann Oberman) is a ruthless businesswoman and "cougar" with many enemies. While racing her car at a local hill climb track, she is killed when her brake line has been cut. Father Brown’s investigation infuriates Inspector Sullivan, who already has his own suspect in custody, and the Inspector arrests Brown for a breach of the peace to put an end to his amateur sleuthing.

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