Father Brown – Series 1 (2013)

Father Brown – Series 1 (2013)
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The series is set during the early 1950s, in the fictional Cotswold village of Kembleford, where Father Brown is the parish priest at St Mary Catholic Church solving crimes to the exasperation of a baffled police inspector who often arrests the wrong suspect. Father Brown uses his closest friends’ abilities to solve a case even when they are suspected of the crime; and his vocation as a priest often gives him an insight to the truth, so that justice but occasionally not the letter of the law may be served. The time period is during Britain’s emergence from the hardships of World War II, and the death penalty is still in effect for capital crimes such as murder.

Mark Williams as Father Brown
Hugo Speer as Inspector Valentine (series 1 and 2.1)
Tom Chambers) as Inspector Sullivan (series 2 and 3)
Sorcha Cusack as Mrs Bridgette McCarthy
Nancy Carroll) as Lady Felicia Montague
Alex Price as Sid Carter
Kasia Koleczek) as Susie Jasinski (series 1)
Keith Osborn as Sergeant Albright (series 1 and 2)
John Burton as Sergeant Goodfellow (series 2 and 3)

1 "The Hammer of God" 14 January 2013
The brother of an Anglican vicar is killed with a blacksmith’s hammer. The blacksmith’s wife, who had been blackmailed by the victim, confesses; Father Brown must find a killer who believes it was God’s work from the victim’s many enemies before an innocent woman is sent to the gallows.

2 "The Flying Stars" 15 January 2013
The Flying Stars is a valuable necklace belonging to the theatrical Adams family; when the mother drowns in a lake, this initially is thought to be an accident until the tensions within the family are exposed. An Italian coin arouses Father Brown’s suspicions, and a pair of shoes that are too large put Lady Felicia’s life in danger.

3 "The Wrong Shape" 16 January 2013
Ex-doctor Leonard Quinton is foretold of his death by his Indian manservant, and asks Father Brown to look after his estranged wife after his death. Quinton is found hanged and murder is suspected by Brown and Inspector Valentine, but the unmarked headstone of a three-month-old baby buried in the garden and his treatment of his wife for morning sickness with a new German drug provides the tragic answer.

4 "The Man in the Tree" 17 January 2013
A man stripped and pushed from a train on a viaduct is found by Lady Felicia, injured and stuck up a tree. Father Brown meets a visiting German priest, arousing hostility amongst the villagers with recent war memories. Father Brown sees to it that justice is done, though not in a strictly legal fashion.

5 "The Eye of Apollo" 18 January 2013
The Church of Apollo comes to Kembleford, and Susie falls under the spell of their charismatic leader, Kalon (Michael Maloney). Jealousy among the followers leads to murder, in a locked room, of Kalon’s wife. Father Brown must solve the murder and break Kalon’s spell over Susie before she leaves with him following baptism into his church.

6 "The Bride of Christ" 21 January 2013
Two nuns die of cyanide poisoning, the first in front of Father Brown and the second while Inspector Valentine is investigating the first death. Ill feeling among the nuns, and the bottles of cyanide held at the convent, lead to many a suspect. Sister Boniface (Lorna Watson), a fan of Agatha Christie, lends a helping hand to Father Brown.

7 "The Devil’s Dust" 22 January 2013
14 year old Ruth Bennett (Holly Earl) goes missing. She had been ostracised by the village because of a skin complaint the villagers believe was caused by radiation at her father’s place of work. When her blood-stained pyjamas are found, suspects include Ruth’s family doctor she had a crush on, her mother who had hit her, and a plumber with a similar skin complaint dying of cancer.

8 "The Face of Death" 23 January 2013
Lady Margaret (Stella Gonet) runs a man down and his son Daniel blames her for deliberately doing it. At a masked charity garden party a guest is murdered in an identical mask to one worn by Lady Margaret’s husband (Stephen Boxer). When Lady Margaret is later murdered, Daniel is suspected but cannot be found.

9 "The Mayor and the Magician" 24 January 2013
At the annual village fête, the obnoxious mayor William Knight (Sam Crane), is electrocuted at the microphone. He is a man with many enemies, including his wife, (Louise Brealey), who is arrested. Father Brown is shocked by what is heard in the confessional, but it provides a clue about the killer. Mrs McCarthy’s ‘long dead’ husband, Franc (Frank Grimes), turns up dressed as a magician.

10 "The Blue Cross" 25 January 2013
International thief Flambeau (John Light) forewarns Father Brown of his intention to steal the priceless relic, The Blue Cross, from St Mary’s. To pre-empt the theft, Brown takes the cross in what becomes a battle of wits between the two men. The climax reveals a connection between the two men, when Brown as a 17 year old soldier at Flanders fought in the Great War before taking Holy orders. Final appearance of Kasia Koleczek as Susie Jasinski.

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