Digital Tutors – Getting Started with Stereoscopy in Houdini

Digital Tutors – Getting Started with Stereoscopy in Houdini
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Lesson Outline (8 lessons)
In this course we will learn about setting up and rendering Stereoscopic effects in Houdini
In this project we will learn about the fundamentals of stereoscopy and some guidelines to setting up comfortable stereo imagery. We will learn how to use the stereo cam rig in Houdini as well as how to use the 3d display to preview and set the parameters. Then we will go over how to preview, composite, and render the images using Mantra.

1. Introduction and Project Overview

2. Understanding Stereoscopy

3. Stereoscopy filter types

4. Stereo Camera and its specific parameters

5. Stereo Camera setting guidelines

6. Setting the Stereo Camera

7. Rendering stereoscopic files

8. Compositing the sequences

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