Digital Tutors – Getting Started with Composite 2011

Digital Tutors – Getting Started with Composite 2011
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In this series of lessons we’ll learn how to get started using Autodesk Composite, which was previously called Autodesk Toxik. Using Composite we can quickly color correct, mask, composite and animate still images and image sequences. We’ll begin this project by learning the basic composition creation process, learning how to move around the Composite user interface, begin compositing images together and render out our finished material. We’ll then move into the common uses of Composite such as Color Correction, Masking, 3D compositing and Animation. This series of lessons is a great starting point to learning Composite. By learning the tools and fundamental workflows of Composite, we will be able to create complex effects and images in no time. This will allow us to begin exploring other areas of Composite and start using Composite in our own production pipeline.

01. Introduction and Project Overview
02. Visual Guide to Node-based compositing
03. Creating Compositions and Importing images in Composite
04. Understanding the Node workflow and blending two images 05. Using the CC Basics tool to color correct in Composite 06. Creating Garbage Masks to remove the effect of a tool 07. Using the Vector Paint tool to clean up footage errors 08. Basics of moving, rotating and scaling objects in Composite 09. Using Blending Modes to composite 3D renders 10. Rendering Images out of Composite 11. Using Context Points in Composite 12. Using the Tool Options panel 13. Using Presets inside of Composite

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