Digital Portraiture Basics Level 1 presented by Will Crockett

Digital Portraiture Basics Level 1 presented by Will Crockett
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This 36 minute DVD is aimed at the serious hobbyist through professional photographer looking for easy to understand fact-based
info on entering the world of digital capture portraiture.

If you’re looking for a super solid foundation to build your digital portrait work on, this is it!

In this DVD, we will be showing you the basics of portrait lighting ranging from types of strobe units and types of light modifiers that work best in the digital world, to proper light placement and a great basic portrait lighting setup you can use to get really great looking digital portraits – right away. We take a "step-by-step" approach by working with one light at a time, then combining two lights, three and finally blending all 4 traditional lights together in one perfectly lit and exposed portrait.

This title will make your photo lighting smooth and easy with solid info and plenty of example images from one of the top photographers and best photo educators in the industry – Will Crockett from

Here’s a look at the 9 chapters in this DVD:

Chapter 1 – INTRO:

A brief look at what’s ahead and why this info is so vital to creating high quality digital portraits.

Chapter 2- Light Sources:

Which types of light sources work best for digital portrature?
We take a look how strobe systems as well as available light fits into the digital picture.

Chapter 3- Light Modifiers:

Get the digital results you want by analyzing example images created using these types of modifiers:
-Parabolic Bowl Relflectors.
-Bounce Panels.
-Octabanks and BeautyBowls.

Chapter 4- The Basic Portrait Setup:

Defining the 4-light classic portrait setup components – Main, Fill, Hairlight and Background light.

Chapter 5- Main Lights:

Discover the sometimes subtle differences that various main lights present to your digital main lighting. Plenty of example
images here to help you choose the right light for your work.

Chapter 6- Fill Lights:

Is it a good idea to use a fill card as a main light in the digital world? Nope. Gain control over your fill light type,
placement, and value in this chapter. The "Lighting ratio" between the main and fill are also covered here.

Chapter 7- Hairlights:

Should you use a parabolic or a softer light modifier for your hairlight? How bright should it be set to? Hard and soft
hairlights lights explored with great examples.

Chapter 8- Background lights:

Help to separate your subject from the background with the right light, and how to control the light using parabolics and
grid spots.

Chapter 9- Light Values and Proper Exposure:

Digital capture is VERY picky about exposure, and it has a tough time maintaining highlight detail. In this chapter, you will
learn about controlling your digital light values and proper exposure techniques from a world-class master of lighting. From
judging proper shadow, midtone, and highlight values to how to meter for proper exposure, you will see "first hand" how to do
it yourself.

PLUS- 6 PowerUser Secrets on Digital Portraiture:

These 6 segments are found in various spots in this video, and reveal a few tips on:
-Selecting strobe systrms for digital.
-Fill cards.
-Grid Spots.
-The "I’ll just fix it Photoshop" trap.
and more!


The professionals gateway between shooting film and shooting digital capture portraits.


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