CyberTraining365 – Web Application Defender

CyberTraining365 – Web Application Defender
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The Cybersecurity Web Application Defender is a knowledge-based certificate offered by CSTT. As part of CCTT certificate program, the certificate is particularly relevant for recent college/university graduates and professionals in IT space, and those looking for a career change to cybersecurity.

The certificate is aligned with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE), which is compatible with global cybersecurity issues, activities and job roles. The certificate is also aligned with the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA). The Cybersecurity Fundamentals Certificate does not have an expiration date.

In enterprise IT, there is a single point where everything that matters in information, technology and business converges: Cyber Security Think Tank (CSTT), a new security knowledge platform and professional program. CSTT is helping shape the future of cybersecurity through cutting-edge thought leadership, as well as training and certification programs for the professionals who are leading it there. Building on the strength of globally-recognized expertise, it gives cybersecurity professionals a smarter way to keep organizations and their information more secure.

With CSTT, business leaders and cyber professionals can obtain the knowledge, tools, guidance and connections to be at the forefront of a vital and rapidly changing industry. Because Cyber Security Think Tank (CSTT) is at the center of everything that’s coming next.

Information Gathering
Domain Enumeratio
Ports Scanning
Web Server Fingerprint
CMS Identification
Blind Injection
Broken Authentication
Brute Forcing with Burp
Brute Forcing with Hydra
Brute Forcing with John the Ripper
Cross-site Scripting
Case Study: CVE-2015-4039 WordPress WP Membership plugin XSS
Cross-site Request Forgery
Mitigation Techniques
File Inclusion
Pwning: Infecting MySQL logs: Lab
Pwning: Bypassing File Extension Check: Lab
Mitigation Techniques: Lab
WebInspect Vulnerability Scanner Lab
Mitigation Techniques

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