Consolidating MVC Views Using Single Page Techniques

Consolidating MVC Views Using Single Page Techniques
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Course Introduction
Course Audience and Pluralsight Courses to Help You
Overview of Our Single MVC Page
Course Outline
List and Search Data Using MVVM, MVC5, and Bootstrap
Module Introduction
Step 1: Prototyping Paul’s Training Company Product Page
Create the Paul’s Training Company MVC Project
Layout a Product Search Area in Bootstrap
Create a Product Table in HTML
Step 2: Create Data Classes for Product Data
Add a Reusable Class Library Project for Product Data
Load Mock Product Data into HTML Table

Step 3: Implement Model-View-View-Model (MVVM)

Create a Product View Model Class

Step 4: Handle Multiple Requests with a Single Method

Create a HandleRequest Method in View Model

Step 5: Use Data Dash Attributes for Searching

Build Search Functionality in View Model

Implement Search Using Data Dash Attributes

Module Summary

Add and Validate Data with Data Annotations, MVVM, and MVC 5

Module Introduction

Step 1: Control Visibility of Areas on Our Page

Add Visibility Properties to View Model and View

Step 2: Add Save and Cancel Buttons and Detail Panel

Add Buttons and Control Visibility Using View Model

Step 3: Create Private Methods for Reusability

Create ListMode and AddMode methods

Step 4: Add More ‘State’ Properties to View Model

Add ‘State’ Properties and Build Product Input Area

Step 5: Add Validation

Add Data Annotations to Entity Class

Display Validations in Bootstrap alert

Step 6: Add Custom Validation to Manager Class

Create Custom Validations in Manager Class

Add Custom Validation Messages to ModelState

Module Summary

Modify & Delete Data Using Hidden Fields and Data Dash Attributes

Module Introduction

Step 1: Add Editing to the Product Page

Create Edit Button on the Product Table

Step 2: Add Data-attribute for the Primary Key

Pass Data-attribute to EventArgument

Step 3: Get Single Product for Edit and Update

Create Edit and Save Functionality

Step 4: Delete a Product

Add Delete Button to HTML Table

Module Summary

Reusability Using a View Model Base Class

Module Introduction

Step 1: View Model Base Class

Create View Model Base Class in DLL

Step 2: Move ‘State’ Methods

Add State Methods to View Model Base Class

Step 3: Move ‘Modification’ Methods

Add Modification Methods to View Model Base Class

Step 4: Move HandleRequest Methods

Add HandleRequest to View Model Base Class

Module Summary

Course Summary

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