Cisco CCNP Security 300-207 SITCS

Cisco CCNP Security 300-207 SITCS
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This Implementing Cisco Threat Control Solutions (SITCS) 300-207 course provides training on integration of Intrusion Prevention System (IPS, not SourceFire) context-aware firewall components (not SourceFire), as well as web (Cloud) and email security solutions.

1. SITCS Welcome (3 min)
Keith welcomes you to the course and provides tips for getting the most from it. Welcome!
2. WSA Overview (10 min)
Keith introduces the Cisco Web Security Appliance (WSA), along with a few of its functions and features.
3. Bootstrapping the WSA (12 min)
Keith demonstrates how to initially configure the WSA at the CLI, in preparation to manage it from the GUI.
4. Deploy and License a WSA VM (10 min)
Keith demonstrates the deployment of a WSA VM in a VMware environment. using VMware Workstation. The licensing process also is demonstrated.
5. WSA Identities (6 min)
Keith introduces the concept of Identities on the WSA for the purpose of classifying transactions and traffic. This is an important step, so that policies can be applied to the correctly identified traffic. Keith also demonstrates where in the GUI to go to create and/or edit identities on the WSA.
6. WSA Access Policy (13 min)
Keith explains, demonstrates, and verifies access policies on the Web Security Appliance.
7. WSA User Authentication (10 min)
Keith discusses and demonstrates adding an LDAP or AD back end authentication server to the WSA. This allows the administrator to include user authentication as part of WSA identities.
8. Directing Traffic to the WSA (6 min)
Keith describes the major categories, and some details for each, in getting end-user traffic to the WSA for analysis.
9. WCCP Router Configuration (12 min)
Keith describes, demonstrates, and verifies WCCP configuration and redirection to the WSA. IOS configuration commands used on the router (in this Nugget) are available in the NuggetLab files.
10. WCCP ASA Configuration (12 min)
Keith demonstrates and verifies the WCCP configuration on an ASA using ASDM.
11. Cisco Legacy IPS and IDS Concepts (9 min)
Keith describes a few of the concepts and ideas from Cisco’s original IPS and IDS solutions.
12. IDM Interface (13 min)
Keith provides a brief overview of the legacy IPS manager interface called IPS Device Manager (IDM).
13. ESA Overview (9 min)
Keith introduces the Email Security Appliance, and provides examples of its features and benefits.
14. Email Terminology (7 min)
Keith discusses several acronyms and terms related to email systems.
15. ESA VM Install (6 min)
Keith demonstrates the installation of the Email Security Appliance (ESA) VM in a VMware environment.
16. Licensing the ESA (2 min)
Keith demonstrates how to apply a license to the Email Security Appliance VM.
17. ESA HATs, RATs, and Listeners (9 min)
Keith describes and demonstrates basic configuration of Host Access Tables, Recipient Access Tables, and listeners on the ESA.
18. Verifying HATs and RATs (5 min)
Keith demonstrates how to verify the Host Access and Recipient Access Tables. Sender groups also are discussed and demonstrated in this Nugget.
19. E-Mail Policies (6 min)
In this Nugget Keith talks with you and demonstrates how to configure inbound and outbound email policies.
20. ESA Message Tracking (5 min)
Keith demonstrates how to enable and use the Message Tracking service on the Email Security Appliance.
21. ESA Trace Tool (1 min)
Keith demonstrates how to find and use the Trace feature on the Email Security Appliance.
22. Cloud Web Security Overview (7 min)
Keith describes the Cloud Web Security (CWS) service and how it can be used to protect users and systems.
23. ASA to CWS Connector (9 min)
Keith demonstrates where to go to configure the ASA to Cloud Web Security (CWS) connector.
24. IOS to CWS Connector (4 min)
Keith discusses the configuration options (both old and new) to implement a connector between an IOS router and the Cloud Web Security (CWS) services.
25. ASA to CX Module Policy (7 min)
Keith introduces a few features provided by the ASA-CX along with an SSP module, along with details on how to redirect traffic from the ASA to the module for processing.

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