CGCookie – Modeling Realistic Characters with Blender

CGCookie – Modeling Realistic Characters with Blender
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This course delves deep into the art of character creation, inspired by the great character work from Blur Studios, Digic Pictures, and artists like Baldasseroni and Grassetti. You know, the kind of digital characters that make you think twice as to whether not it’s a photo. If character float your boat, this course is right up your alley.
This course is organized into 6 weeks of curriculum. Students are expected to have at least an intermediate knowledge of Blender’s interface and modeling tools, as taught in the Blender Basics course and Introduction to Modeling Flow.

If you follow and apply this curriculum, by the end of the six-week schedule you’ll have a realistic character model that you can be proud of! Check out some work from students that took the workshop:

What level of skill is best for this workshop? Due to the complexity of 3D creation, it’s very difficult to teach beginners and advanced users with the same curriculum. Therefore, students will benefit most from this workshop if they come into it with at least an intermediate knowledge of 3D modeling with Blender.

Prerequisites? This is a higher level of education with more emphasis on workflow and artistry rather than the tools. Therefore the student will get the most out of the workshop if they’ve watched the courses listed below and are well-versed in Blender’s modeling tools.

Mesh Modeling Fundamentals
Modeling with Modifiers
Fundamentals of Digital Sculpting
Introduction to Hard Surface Modeling
Introduction to Character Modeling


Watch this brief video to see what this course is all about!

Introduction free1min

Week 1 – Sculpting, Sculpting, Sculpting

Familiarize yourself with Blender’s Sculpt Mode, brushes, and various other sculpting tools. The point is to be very comfortable with Blender’s sculpting tools by the end of the week.

Week 1 Kickoff free1min

Approaching an Object for Sculpting free4min

Sculpting a Jack O’ Lantern I (TIMELAPSE) free9min

Sculpting a Jack O’ Lantern II (TIMELAPSE) free10min

Fallen Log (TIMELAPSE) free10min

Candle Livestream free1hrs 50min

Exercise: Sculpt 3 Objects free

Week 2 – The Human Body

Understand how to shape an anatomically correct human body. The detail level should be between 50-75% including defined musculature while excluding surface details like wrinkles and pores.

Week 2 Kickoff free1min

Collecting Reference 6min

Starting Gesturally 22min

Gestural Block-In (TIMELAPSE) 15min

Week 2 Livestream 1hrs 55min

Exercise: Sculpt the Human Body

Week 3 – Character Blocking

Block out all accessories for your character like clothing, armor, hair, etc.

Week 3 Kickoff free1min

Overview of Blocking Character Accessories 15min

Blocking Fabric with Cloth Simulation 24min

Week 3 Livestream 1hrs 49min

Exercise: Character Blocking

Week 4 – Workflow & Retopology

Understand what makes a character model friendly to the production pipeline as well as Blender’s detailing workflow.

Week 4 Kickoff free2min

What is Production-Friendly? 2min

Gauntlet Guard (TIMELAPSE) 8min

Gauntlet Sleeve (TIMELAPSE) 15min

Gauntlet Straps (TIMELAPSE) 6min

Week 4 Livestream 1hrs 53min

Exercise: Character Retopology

Week 5 – Detailing & Polish

Explore various techniques for adding high-frequency detail to your model’s surface.

Week 5 Kickoff free1min

Salvaging Detail 7min

Detailing Skin 24min

Detailing Armor 12min

Detailing Fabric 14min

Week 5 Livestream 1hrs 48min

Exercise: Character Detailing

Week 6 – Presentation

Learn and apply the importance of quality presentation for your models.

Week 6 Kickoff free1min

Lighting 22min

Shading 19min

Treatment 11min

Exporting a Turntable 11min

Week 6 Livestream 1hrs 52min

Exercise: Character Rendering

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