CGCookie – Intro to Normal Map Modeling for Games

CGCookie – Intro to Normal Map Modeling for Games
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Intro to Normal Map Modeling for Games
Should you model for quality or performance? The answer is a balance of both! Normal mapping is a texturing technique that allows us to fake high resolution details on a low poly mesh. In this course, learn the modeling techniques that are necessary to bake high quality normals.


Get the basics down before tackling specific techniques.

Introduction free1min

Height Maps Vs. Normal Maps free3min

Quiz: Normal Map Basics free

High Poly Modeling

How to prepare your high poly model for best results when baking.

High Poly Detailing 3min

High Poly Topology & Shading 3min

Quiz: High Poly Modeling

Low Poly Modeling

Choosing Modeled or Textured Detail 2min

Sharp Edges & UV Seams 2min

Quiz: Low Poly Modeling

Triangles & Reducing Poly Count 6min

Quiz: Minimizing Poly Count

Baking Normals

Baking with Cycles 4min

Using Cage Objects 6min

Baking with Blender Render 4min

Exercise: Bake a Hard Surface Normal Map

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