CGCookie Creating Plants in Blender

CGCookie Creating Plants in Blender
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Creating a CG nature scene is notoriously tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. In this course, you’ll learn how to model, shade, and place 6 different types of plants: weeds, mushrooms, ferns, leafy bushes, ivy, and moss.

Creating Plants

Learn the ins and outs of building various foliage elements. These individual items can be used to make entire forests and jungles.

Modeling Weeds 14min

Modeling a Leafy Bush 7min

Modeling Ferns 6min

Shading Leafy Plants 6min

Modeling Mushrooms 7min

Shading Mushrooms 10min

Generating Ivy 8min

Ivy Particles 8min

Shading Ivy 4min

Adding Moss 6min


Putting it all together!

Placing Plants 2min

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