CBT Nuggets – Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager SCCM 2012 70-243

CBT Nuggets - Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager SCCM 2012 70-243

Title: CBT Nuggets – Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager SCCM 2012 70-243
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How do you manage a Windows infrastructure? Installing applications by walking around is so 1990 . Automation is the name of today’s game, and nothing spells Windows automation like System Center Configuration Manager. Automation has been called the Windows Administrator’s force multiplier. With the right tools, it enables a well-prepared administrator to monitor and enact change to exactly the right devices at exactly the right time.

Prepping you to use those tools and wield that incredible power is the reason behind this video series. Presented by respected CBT Nuggets trainer and Microsoft MVP Greg Shields, this series delivers a broad and deep exposure into Microsoft’s ConfigMgr 2012 . Greg’s been working with ConfigMgr since its early days as SMS 2.0. Over the years he’s developed a second sense for managing Windows desktops and servers with this powerful toolkit. He shares from his personal experience in this series to deliver not only the science (what buttons to click), but also the art (why you should click them) of managing a Windows infrastructure with ConfigMgr 2012 .
You’ll learn how to package and deploy software and virtual applications, as well as how to automate everything from individual configurations to entire OS deployments. You’ll learn the foundations of what you need to know for certification success, but you’ll also learn a few ConfigMgr best practices the consultants rarely share.
In a Windows world where clicking Next, Next, Finish is no longer good enough, smart IT professionals know that automation savvy is key to guaranteed employment. Join Greg in this ConfigMgr 2012 deep dive to develop exactly those skills that’ll make you the Most Valuable Professional of your own IT organization.
Description ( bad translation ) : How do you manage infrastructure Windows? Installing applications on the 1990 level . Automation – the name of today’s game here , and there is nothing better to automate than System Center Configuration Manager. Automation was named administrator force multiplier Windows. With the right tools , it allows the administrator to control a well-prepared and make changes right on the devices at the right time .
Prepare yourself to use these tools and start using this incredible force of this video . Submitted respected CBT Nuggets coach and Microsoft MVP Greg Shields, this series will provide a broad and deep dive into Microsoft’s ConfigMgr 2012 . Greg worked with ConfigMgr since the early days when he was still known as SMS 2.0. Over the years he developed a second sense for managing windows desktops and servers with this powerful tool . He shared his personal experience in this series not only for the understanding of science ( which buttons to push ) , but art ( why should you click on them ) managing infrastructure Windows, using ConfigMgr 2012 .
You will learn how to package and deploy software and virtual applications , as well as how to automate everything from individual configurations to deploy an entire OS . You will learn the basics of what you need to know for a successful certification, and you learn a few ” best practices ” that consultants will share best practices.
In the world of Windows, where you click Next , Next, Finish – this is no longer enough , smart IT professionals know that podkovannost automation is the key to guaranteed employment . Education in this course by Greg give a deep dive into ConfigMgr 2012 and it will develop the skills that will make you the most valuable professional own IT organization.

Introduction to System Center 2012 , ConfigMgr 2012 , and the 70-243 Exam
Understanding the ConfigMgr Architecture and Components
Preparing for and Installing ConfigMgr 2012
Setting Boundaries and Enabling Discovery Methods
Deploying ConfigMgr Clients and Managing Client Settings
Collecting Inventory and Creating Simple Collections
Constructing Queries and Building Query-based Collections
Creating and Managing Reports
Packaging Software for Local Installation and Application Virtualization
Software Distribution the Old Way: Packages and Programs
Software Distribution the New Way: Applications!
Deploying Operating Systems
Deploying Software Updates
Deploying and Managing Compliance Baselines
Metering Software Usage
Managing Forefront Endpoint Protection Settings
Managing Mobile Devices and Securing Client Communication
Monitoring and Managing Site and Client Status
Implementing ConfigMgr Role-based Security
Planning and Implementing a ConfigMgr Site Hierarchy

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