Carlos Xuma – Alpha Immersion

Carlos Xuma – Alpha Immersion
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This is the latest program from inner game guru Carlos Xuma.
This is his first time on video – and boy, is there a lot of it!
Over 12 hours of video in total. We’ve done these as 700Mb rips to avoid the bitching I know you guys love to do
The quality might be a little sore as each DVD was 3 hours long.
Just to be clear – these are just the 12 hours of seminar from the DVDs.
None of the DVD extras are included. For those, please download the ISOs that we will upload in a week or so – they have the full menus and all the extra little snippets.
Usual exclusive rules apply:
VIPs/Elites: Can download immediately
Power Users: Can download 7 days
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DVD 1:

# The difference between great people and everyone else
# How you’re sabotaging your results when using ‘canned’ lines
# How your inner game takes care of your outer game
# The biggest challenge you will face in performance and attitude
# The Big Mistake you make when you learn the Art of Attraction
# Rules Exercise to break your limiting beliefs about women
# The 4 critical components of High Social Value
# The Rule for communicating your value you must never break
# How to use Attraction and Rapport together for maximum effect
# The one thing all men and women seek and how to use it
# The 4 Essential Skills to get a woman attracted and involved in you
# Why a woman will hold back from demonstrating attraction
# The 5 step progressive plan to get you out and meeting women
# The one belief you adopt that will allow you to approach ANYONE
# The 3 calibration factors you must make to a woman
# How most men condition themselves against meeting women
# Inner game techniques to change your thinking and self-confidence
# The Authority Experiment to feel your natural Alpha power
# How to test with ‘open ended’ closers
# Dozens of Topic shortcuts to use at ANY time
# The 3 rules of Dancing and how to handle it
# What you MUST do with cold or aloof women
# 2 Steps to balancing attraction and rapport
# The 2 rules of sexual initiation
# The 4 steps of Approach Anxiety and how to break it
# The 6 Rapport and Comfort tools and how to use them
# 5 Power Questions and Quiz Questions that put you in the driver seat
# How to reveal information and history
# What to do when you’re not getting her interest indicators
# 6 Surefire topics to talk about with a woman

DVD 2:

# How do you express mutual interest?
# The Shy 100 exercise to overcome your fear of approaching
# The 4 closing techniques to escalate
# How to isolate a woman from a group
# The 5 rules of teasing and playful conversation
# The 11 initial strategies of approach
# What your speech rhythm communicates
# The Ultimate Goal of bar & club pickup
# Examples of Direct openers for any situation
# Use the other guy’s failure to approach
# 3 REAL Game openers and how they work
# Visual Examples of approach body language – the walk-up
# How to close up the distance with a woman
# Three forms of powerful eye contact
# How do you bridge distance to touch with a woman
# 3 Indications of Interest to watch for to approach
# 3 Critical concepts of body language
# 2 Greeting types and how to handle them
# Calibrating your kino to the environment
# The places to touch her to turn her on
# How to handle it when she pulls back
# The 5 body language Indicators when she’s seated
# 3 Definite touch indicators of a woman’s interest
# The 4 ‘accidental’ kino touches from a woman
# How a woman will play with objects when she’s interested
# How to use your iPod to build trust and rapport
# Maximizing your look to increase your appeal
# The 8 top appearance factors you must control
# How to use a woman’s perfume to get closer to her
# How to get a number when the group dynamic goes ‘weird’

DVD 3:

# How far to help your woman and avoid over-investing
# How to communicate your strengths without bragging
# How to use your past relationships to build attraction
# REAL methods to overcome challenges
# How to communicate your status through qualification
# ALPHA body language, how to use your hands
# Famous Alpha Man Examples
# The one trait that Alpha Men have that women respect
# Where using technique will ruin your success with women
# How to use Autogenic Training to program your attitude
# EXERCISE: Positive Mind Conditioning Scenario
# Four Mind Control Tools to keep you confident
# How to override bad moods and negative thinking
# The fastest way to change your mental state
# How to manage Fear and anxiety
# The 5 Second Technique to conquer your fears
# The two essential ingredients to improve your skills
# Should you date someone from work?
# What do you do if your girl is hit on aggressively?
# How to turn your competition to help you
# Understanding the Female Mindset and Beliefs
# Sexual Tension, and why guys are afraid of it
# What flirting REALLY is, and how to do it
# The 5 rules of women’s resistance
# How to TALK to women – and WHAT to talk about
# How to re-channel your sexual energy in healthy ways
# The 4 post-game outcomes to manage
# The 5 Don’ts for a date
# How to establish the best foundation for keeping a woman

DVD 4:

# Answering her challenges – Why she challenges your questions
# Redirecting her questioning and keeping it REAL
# Handling a woman’s need for validation
# Why it’s not REAL for women to be the initiator
# Recognizing when a woman is trying to control you
# How to tease a woman effectively
# Understanding what her questions mean
# Why you want to avoid too many cocky responses
# Storytelling – how to construct your stories
# The Elevator Speech and how to use it
# What women interpret from your decorations
# Designing the woman you want and get her
# Handling the real complication in breakups
# How to prioritize activities correctly
# How to stay Immersed and Motivated in the Alpha Mindset
# The Hidden Key to Success with Women
# What you should never do when you’re in a bad mood
# The two kinds of self-confidence and how they work
# Why success builds and failure continues to crash
# FEAR – What it is, and how you are immobilized by it
# The Authority Rule – how to get away with anything you want
# How you take control of your life – and your skills with women
# Why you’re not a ‘fake’ by improving with techniques and skills
# Why being YOU is the most important step in attracting women
# 2 things you must eliminate in your beliefs to change
# The 3 areas you have the power to change in your life
# The 2 kinds of congruence – and how this sabotages your success
# The one State you must show to create attraction
# The 3 distinct energy-generating habits of Alpha Men
# How to analyze, evaluate, and learn from your performance

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