Career Academy – Certified Security Sentinel (CSS) Online Training Series

Career Academy – Certified Security Sentinel (CSS) Online Training Series
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This series covers everything you need to know about becoming a Certified Security Sentinel. Students will learn about basic security, user awareness, implementing countermeasures, certified security sentinel, using the Internet at work, accessing the company’s network through your assigned computer, accessing the corporate network remotely, social engineering, understanding and manipulating our target, and researching our target.

As a Certified Security Sentinel, you will fully understand the security threats that attack daily and countermeasures associated with these attacks. Not only will you have the knowledge of how attacks are performed, how to identify an attack, and how to secure information, but possess the valuable skill sets of how to train others on security as well. You will be a strong asset in any companies’ security program by understanding what can happen and knowing what to look for.

• Course 01 – Basic SecurityAccess Now – No Membership Required 17m
• Course 02 – User Awareness 27m
• Course 03 – Implementing Countermeasures 9m
• Course 04 – Certified Security Sentinel 16m
• Course 05 – Using the Internet at Work 23m
• Course 06 – Accessing the Company’s Network Through Your Assigned Computer 19m
• Course 07 – Accessing the Corporate Network Remotely 10m
• Course 08 – Social Engineering 13m
• Course 09 – Understanding and Manipulating our Target 16m
• Course 10 – Researching Our Target 11m

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