Business Etiquette: Meetings, Meals, and Networking Events | Suzanna Kaye | LYNDA

Business Etiquette: Meetings, Meals, and Networking Events | Suzanna Kaye | LYNDA
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Specializing in chronic disorganization, ADD, and disabilities, she brings to each client the knowledge of simplifying even the most difficult tasks. She has been a professional organizer since 2006, and comes from a background in business, finance, and education, with previous corporate positions including CFO, managing director, and teacher.

Setting the right tone in business communications is essential to success in every career. Knowing the proper etiquette for many types of professional interactions can help you avoid conflict and foster healthy relationships with colleagues. In this course, productivity and etiquette coach Suzanna Kaye shows how to navigate common business situations with professionalism. Suzanna illustrates how to identify and work with different personality types, and how to understand body language and vocal cues. She also covers proper etiquette for various business situations, including in-person meetings, video conferences, business meals, and networking events. Along the way, Suzanna reveals some of the most common errors in etiquette, and shows how to handle conflict and difficult situations gracefully.

Table of Contents:

1. Understanding the Unwritten Rules
2. Business Meeting Etiquette
3. Etiquette for Business Meals and Networking Events

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