Blender 101 – Blender 335 Creating a Weapon with Blender and Substance Painter

Blender 101 – Blender 335: Creating a Weapon with Blender and Substance Painter
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In this course you’ll learn how to use Blender’s modeling tools to create a high resolution model of an M249 Machine Gun. We’ll go over retopology techniques that will allow you to create a low-poly version of the high-poly mesh. You’ll also learn how to create a Color ID map using Blender’s Vertex Paint tools, bake Normal and Ambient Occlusion maps in Blender and in Substance Painter, assign materials in Substance Painter based on a Color ID map, and import your Blender models into Unity so that you can assign the PBR textures created in Substance Painter.

42 videos, 6hrs 30mins

01. Introduction
02. Reference Images
03. Modeling the Base Shape
04. Beginning the Hand Grip
05. The Hand Grip and Trigger
06. Using Modifiers
07. Starting the Muzzle
08. Continuing the Muzzle
09. Building up the Front of the Gun
10. Continuing with the Front of the Gun
11. Modeling the Site
12. Modeling Complex Shapes
13. Beginning the Scope
14. Continuing the Scope Mount
15. Adding Small Details
16. Modeling the Scope
17. Creating a Hexoganal Grid
18. Detailing the Scope
19. Using the Path Tool
20. Adding More Detail
21. More Booleans
22. Adding Fill Pieces
23. Modeling the Shoulder Rest
24. Continuing the Shoulder Rest
25. Detailing the Shoulder Rest
26. Sculpting Final Details
27. Beginning the Retopology
28. Retopolgizing the Shoulder Rest
29. Beginning the Scope Retopology
30. Finishing the Retopo of the Scope
31. Reducing High Poly Objects
32. Continuing the Retopology
33. Finishing the Retopology
34. UV Mapping the Gun
35. Baking Texture Maps in Blender
36. Creating a Color ID Map
37. Baking Texture Maps in Substance Painter
38. Applying Materials in Substance Painter
39. Finishing the Materials in Substance Painter
40. Using Smart Materials in Substance Painter
41. Bringing the Files into Unity
42. Skybox and Reflections in Unity

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