Blender 101 – Blender 101 Introduction to 3D Modeling

Blender 101 – Blender 101: Introduction to 3D Modeling
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In this course you’ll learn the fundamental concepts and skills that will allow you to create three-dimensional models in Blender. We’ll begin with Blender’s interface and navigation tools, and move steadily into the foundational modeling tools like Extrude and Loop Cut. We’ll talk about building up complex objects from basic shapes, and you’ll be introduced to some of Blender’s Modifiers, like Mirror and Subdivision Surface

16 videos, 3hrs 1min

01. Interface and Navigation
02. Edit Mode and the Extrude Tool
03. Duplicating Objects
04. The Loop Cut and Slide Tool
05. Rendering a Scene
06. The Array Modifer
07. Assembling Complex Objects
08. Circular Extrusions
09. The Subdivision Surface Modifier
10. Continuing the Lego Scene
11. Snapping Tools
12. Beginning the Lego Character
13. The Mirror Modifier
14. Creating the Character’s Arms
15. Creating the Hands
16. Finishing the Lego Scene

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