AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate
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Learn the essential skill set required to implement and operate a scalable and reliable infrastructure on the AWS platform.
Course Overview 1m 34s
Course Overview 1m 34s
Getting Started 15m 11s
Getting Started 15m 11s
Understanding Virtual Networking on AWS 41m 26s
Understanding Virtual Networking on AWS 31s
What Is Virtual Private Cloud? 5m 10s
AWS Reference Model for VPC 1m 8s
VPC Architecture and Characteristics 3m 31s
Creating a VPC 10m 29s
VPC Access Methods 3m 25s
VPC Configuration 12m 10s
VPC Peering 3m 7s
Module Summary 1m 52s
In-depth VPC Configuration 20m 5s
Module Introduction 1m 2s
In-depth VPC Configuration 17m 37s
Module Summary 1m 25s
Working with Security Groups and NACLs 23m 22s
Module Introduction 29s
Layered Security 9m 21s
Configuring Security Groups 6m 9s
Understanding NACLs 2m 40s
Configuring NACLs 3m 43s
Module Summary 56s
Understanding and Configuring VPC Access 26m 44s
Module Introduction 41s
AWS VPC Access 7m 43s
AWS Direct Connect 2m 42s
Configuring VPN 8m 5s
Understanding VPC Peering 2m 52s
Configuring VPC Peering 2m 40s
Module Summary 1m 57s
EC2 Instance Types 18m 0s
Module Introduction 26s
Understanding EC2 Instance Types 7m 31s
EC2 Instance Types Walkthrough in the AWS Management Console 8m 56s
Module Summary 1m 6s
Working with Elastic Block Storage 21m 42s
Module Introduction 32s
Understanding AWS Storage Types 8m 0s
Increasing IOPS Performance 6m 57s
Configuring Optimized Instances 4m 14s
Module Summary m 56s
EBS Snapshots and Replication 17m 42s
Module Introduction 31s
EBS Snapshots Characteristics 9m 22s
Working with Snapshots in the AWS Management Console 5m 54s
Module Summary 1m 53s
Working with Amazon S3 30m 4s
Module Introduction 33s
Amazon S3 Characteristics 12m 10s
Working with Amazon S3 via the AWS Management Console 15m 30s
Module Summary 1m 49s
Amazon S3 Website Hosting 11m 50s
Module Introduction 20s
Static Website Hosting 2m 24s
Configure Amazon S3 Static Website Hosting 8m 1s
Module Summary 1m 3s
Configuring Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) 27m 26s
Module Introduction 37s
ELB Characteristics 6m 1s
ELB Deployment Scenarios 6m 1s
Configuring ELB via the AWS Management Console 13m 43s
Module Summary 1m 2s
Configuring Auto Scaling 37m 6s
Module Introduction 26s
Auto Scaling Features 5m 16s
How Auto Scaling Works 3m 59s
Configuring Auto Scaling Part 1 9m 37s
Configuring Auto Scaling Part 2 14m 58s
Module Summary 2m 48s
Configuring Route 53 51m 45s
Module Introduction 1m 20s
Route 53 Characteristics 4m 48s
DNS Record Types 14m 39s
Routing Policies 6m 18s
Configuring Route 53 from the AWS Management Console 21m 22s
Module Summary 3m 16s
Working with Identity and Access Management (IAM) 43m 11s
Module Introduction 41s
Introduction to Identity and Access Management (IAM) 8m 56s
Configuring IAM via the AWS Management Console 26m 7s
AWS Security Token Service (STS) 5m 51s
Module Summary 1m 34s
Monitoring with Amazon CloudWatch and Trusted Advisor 25m 40s
Module Introduction 34s
Amazon CloudWatch Characteristics 2m 8s
Configuring CloudWatch from the AWS Management Console 15m 48s
Trusted Advisor 5m 55s
Module Summary 1m 13s
RDS HA and Load Sharing 25m 58s
Module Introduction 28s
RDS Characteristics 10m 33s
Configuring RDS via the AWS Management Console 12m 37s
Module Summary 2m 18s
Understanding Backup Options 13m 10s
Module Introduction 33s
EBS Options 7m 29s
S3 and RDS Backup Options 3m 23s
Module Summary 1m 45s

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